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  • Time to get ready for IETF 99! Starting a week from today, on Sunday, 16 July, the Internet Engineering Task Force will be in Prague, Czech Republic, where about 1000 engineers will spend a week discussing the latest issues in open standards and protocols. As usual, the agenda is packed, and the Internet Society is providing a ‘Rough Guide’ to the IETF via a series of blog posts all this week on topics of mutual interest:

    Date published 10 July 2017
  • The nonstop news about Internet security vulnerabilities and incidents could lead one to despair for the future of the Internet. However, what often does not make the news is all the quality research that contributes ultimately to a more secure, private, and trustworthy Internet. Quality academic research that is open and easily accessible is one of our best long-term investments in a truly open and trustable Internet.The Internet Society is proud of its long association with and support for the Network and Distributed Systems Security (NDSS) Symposium. Ground breaking quality research papers...
    Date published 07 August 2017
  • I was recently invited to contribute a paper on personal data in the healthcare context to a journal on the Privacy and Security of Medical Information published by Springer-Nature. The paper, “Trust and ethical data handling in the healthcare context” examines the issues associated with healthcare data in terms of ethics, privacy, and trust, and makes recommendations about what we, as individuals, should ask for and expect from the organisations we entrust with our most sensitive personal data.It's a topical subject, from an Internet Society perspective, because the Internet appears to offer...
    Date published 27 July 2017
  • Encryption is once again a hot topic, and there’s much to discuss at IETF 99 this week in Prague. This time the hottest action will definitely be in the Transport Layer Security (TLS) working group. TLS is considering everything from privacy implications for TLS1.3 to how to reduce handshake latency. As mentioned in previous Rough Guide blogs on the topic, the working group is busy on the completion of the TLS 1.3 specification. It has completed working group last call, and the working group is addressing the comments received during that process. Draft 21 was released on 3 July in...
    Date published 17 July 2017
  • Trust, Identity, and Privacy continue to be topics of interest for the IETF community. Below I will highlight a few of the many activities. There is something for everyone interested in these areas here at IETF 99 in Prague this week!The work privacy started before the IETF meeting itself actually began with the IETF 99 Hackathon. As you are reading this, the Hackathon will have already been completed. This Hackathon had the largest attendance ever and reached full capacity. It was an energetic event highlighting a number of emerging technologies. An overview of all the Hackaton projects is...
    Date published 17 July 2017
  • In this post for the Internet Society Rough Guide to IETF 99, I’m reviewing what’ll be happening at IETF 99 in Prague next week.IPv6 global adoption rates have seen another 25% increase since the start of 2017, taking them to close to 20% overall with Belgium leading the way at close to 50%. This is attributable to more ISPs and mobile operators rolling out IPv6 as pools of IPv4 addresses approach depletion, that has kept the cost of IPv4 addresses on the brokerage market fairly static, although these costs are still expected to rise over the next couple of years. With many of the major...
    Date published 14 July 2017