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Fedor Smirnov

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Fedor Smirnov is currently a Board Member and Secretary of the Russian Federation ISOC Chapter. Fedor has 8+ years of experience on the domain names & hosting market and since 2012 works as the Chief Marketing Officer at Webnames.ru, an accredited ICANN registrar. He holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Bachelors of Arts degrees in German/English Philosophy and Financial Management respectively. Besides DNS and Internet Infrastructure, Fedor’s areas of interest are cybersecurity, ICT policy, Internet and Human Rights, and the Information Society. In 2014 he was granted an ISOC Ambassadorship to attend the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul. 

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Журнал IETF на русском языке! Скачивайте и читайте! Thumbnail
Growing the Internet 9 February 2015

Журнал IETF на русском языке! Скачивайте и читайте!

Многие из нас, для кого Интернет стал профессией, стараются быть в курсе ключевых трендов и самых актуальных вопросов, которые...