Deploying and Growing Community Networks

Community networks help bridge the connectivity gap.

We are at our very best when we can connect. To schools, to jobs, to opportunity, and to each other. The Internet makes this possible.

But not everyone is online. Some places, whether it’s a remote village or a large city, need a new plan when it comes to connecting. We need need solutions where the people who use the Internet are also empowered to build it. Community networks can help. These happen when people come together to build and maintain their own Internet connections. Internet by the people, for the people.

a man holding hands up while installing an antenna against sun

Partner With Us

With three billion people lacking access to the Internet, we need dedicated people working together to close the digital divide.

We’ve joined Partner2Connect to amplify our impact, pledging to train 10,000 people and to sustain and build 100 networks by 2025. Together, we can get even closer to achieving universal connectivity and digital transformation.

Growing the Internet 

We’re helping close the global digital divide by:

  • Deploying Internet infrastructure to connect those who need it most
  • Reaching areas where traditional providers don’t operate
  • Supporting the development of local technical skills

Get Involved 

Learn about Successful Community Networks

See success stories and how they happened from start to finish.

Attend a Community Network Event

Attend a current or a past event to learn from experts in the field.

Develop Your Skills

Learn everything you need to build, maintain, and support community networks.

Build Your Own Community Network

Team up with people who’ve have done it before and take advantage of tools and training.

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