Bring Local Content To Africa

A new report says that Internet access and availability are not enough to get Africa online. We need local content in local languages.

Ghanaian mobile developer and entrepreneur Divine Puplampu in Accra, Ghana on 21 August 2016.

While there are a lot of improvements when it comes to the infrastructure needed to make the Internet work, people across Africa still aren’t logging on. Why? Because people don’t see a reason to.

According to a new study, content – and the language it’s in how relevant it is to people’s lives – are some of the latest challenges in bringing Africa fully online.

“Promoting Content in Africa” outlines the barriers to the development of local content and offers ways to help.

Ghanaian app developer and Internet Society member Divine Puplampu talks about some of the challenges.

5 Things You Can Do To Boost Local Content in Africa

  • English and French are not enough. Africans need to be able to access content in their local languages.
  • Banning content doesn’t work and often results in just the opposite. Policy makers need to help governments understand the negative consequences of blocking content.
  • The ability to create and monetize content is key. Make it easy for people to buy apps and for developers to get paid
  • Advertising platforms need to change their policies and support advertisement in African languages. Governments should pave the way to make innovation hubs happen across Africa.
  • If you’re in the business of bringing Africa online come to the African Peering and Interconnection Forum. It’s a place for you to meet people and share ideas about what’s worked and help solve some of your toughest problems.

Find out more things that we can all do to help promote local content in Africa by reading our in-depth report, Promoting Local Content in Africa.