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Returning Fellowship to the IETF Programme

This program is currently on hold and we are not accepting the applications until further notice.

Why a Returning Fellowship?

Attending an IETF meeting for the first time provides valuable benefits and opportunities, including meeting people who have contributed to Working Group (WG) mailing lists, learning how the IETF works, and deciding how to participate in the future. Experiencing an IETF in person generally increases an individual’s ability to participate in and contribute to IETF work in the future.

With so many benefits provided in a first time fellowship to the IETF, The Internet Society believes that a chance to attend another meeting, as a Returning Fellow, will over time help build communities in emerging and developing economies by providing easier access to the IETF standards development process and increase the visibility of the IETF in those countries.

Goals of the Returning Fellowship Programme

The Returning Fellowship Programme offers former Fellows the opportunity to attend another IETF meeting. The Returning Fellowship Programme is for all former Fellows who wish to actively participate in and contribute to the work of the IETF and who feel that attending another meeting in person is essential to their own professional development and local community. The Internet Society will provide the same travel and financial support to both first time and returning fellows.

  • Provide an opportunity for highly committed former Fellows to return to the IETF to advance specific standards work.
  • More fully integrate technologists from emerging and developing economies into the IETF.
  • Advance the technical leadership potential of individuals from emerging and developing economies.
  • Provide immediate value to a working group by participating in scribing the working group meeting and contributing to the meeting minutes.

A Returning Fellowship award will not be given to the same individual twice in one calendar year.

At each IETF meeting the Internet Society can support up to 6 returning fellows.

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