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Be a mentor for the Internet Society Fellowship to the IETF

This program is currently on hold and we are not accepting the applications until further notice.

Could you share your IETF experience by serving as a mentor to a Fellow at an IETF meeting?

Mentors play an important role in helping the Fellow understand how the IETF works and how he or she can participate and contribute. The guidance of a mentor can enhance the experience of the individual selected for the Fellowship programme and help them focus on their particular areas of interest. This relationship is meant to help acclimate the fellow to a meeting that can be very overwhelming. The mentor and the Fellow will exchange emails prior to the meeting, where the mentor can get a better feel to the interests of the fellow and make suggestions on what WGs to attend. During the meeting, the mentor may act in an advisory capacity to answer any questions the fellow may have while at the IETF.

The amount of time needed to be a mentor is low, yet the satisfaction is very high.  By mentoring a fellow, you will not only help them navigate their first IETF meeting (remember yours?) but help them build contacts and and relationships that will allow them to be an active contributor to the IETF process and the continued development of Open Internet Standards.

Benefits of being a mentor

  • Increase the participation in the IETF by helping a new engineer
  • Share your experiences and expertise with someone who shares the same interests
  • Learn about new cultures and regional technical challenges
  • Know that you’ve made a difference

“I enjoy meeting a new person who might give me an insight into a problem in some area of the world. There can be concrete learnings from looking at things through a different set of eyeglasses.”

– Fred Baker, Mentor to the ISOC Fellowship to the IETF

Still curious?  Please read this article in the March 2012 edition of the IETF Journal.

Note that a statement of interest does not ensure an appointment as a mentor for the upcoming IETF as mentors are chosen based on his or her area of expertise in relation to the interests of the Fellows.

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