Past IGF Ambassadors

Humberto Arthos (Ecuador) is the Projects Director at Usuarios Digitales del Ecuador where he advocates for the freedom to exercise your rights on digital platforms. His background is mechanical engineering and drilling, but in recent years he is working in the areas of cloud computing, communications networks, and monitoring & controls systems. He is looking forward to participating in IGF… Read more

Anahiby Becerril (Mexico) is a Researcher and Professor who has been working at the intersection of Law and ICTs for several years, and specializes in Cybersecurity and Human Rights Online. She currently works with the INFOTEC Centro de Investigación e Innovación en Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación, and most recently participated in the creation of the National Cybersecurity Strategy… Read more

Aarti Bhavana (India) is a Programme Manager with the Centre for Communications Governance (CCG) in New Delhi. She is relatively new to Internet governance, and has been involved with ICANN processes such as the IANA transition, CCWG accountability and various human rights-related processes within ICANN. She is eager to broaden her involvement in the Internet governance ecosystem, and believes that… Read more

Victor Ryan Biran (Trinidad and Tobago) is a Team Leader at the National Information and Communication Technology Co. Ltd. (iGovTT). He holds a BSc in Computing & Information Systems, a MSc in Telecoms Regulation & Policy, and a MBA. He is also a past recipient of the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship and Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship. Ryan has a deep background… Read more

Adriana Castro (Colombia) is a Research Professor at the Universidad Externado de Colombia, School of Law. She obtained her LLM in International Business Law from the Queen Mary, University of London and is currently studying her PhD in Law at the Universidad Externado de Colombia. Her current work is in the areas of e-commerce law, international e-contracts, consumer protection in… Read more

Chenai Chair (Zimbabwe) is a Researcher / Communications and Evaluations Advisor with Research ICT Africa, a non-profit think tank based in Cape Town, South Africa. She currently works on Research ICT Africa's mobile pricing indices, Internet access and user issues focused on youth and gender, as well Internet governance. Chenai participated in the 2015 Africa School for Internet Governance (AfriSIG).… Read more

Ashell Forde (Barbados) is a Senior Telecoms Officer at the Telecoms Unit (national regulator). She has been active in the deployment of the Barbados IXP, as well as the setting up of the national CSIRT. Ashell holds a BSc in Computer Science and Electronics from the University of the West Indies, has qualified with City & Guilds in Microcomputer Technology,… Read more

Sonia Herring (Turkey) is a Magazine Editor, Social Media Manager and Civil Society Activist from İstanbul. She has been involved in the Internet governance community for the past year as a Youth Delegate in the 'Youth Leadership in Internet Governance’ initiative of the Network of European Digital Youth.  She has attended a number of national and regional IGFs as a… Read more

Ivy Hoetu (Ghana) works for the National Communications Authority (NCA) as an Engineering Officer. In this role, she monitors the frequency spectrum bands allocated to the various communications services providers in the country to ensure that interference is minimized. She also volunteers her time providing technical facilitation for ICT training courses. Ivy previously worked as the Managed Networks Supervisor for… Read more

Khushboo Khanna (India) is currently pursuing a double Masters degree in Global Media and Communications from the London School of Economics & Political Science (United Kingdom) and the Fudan School of Journalism (China). She obtained her BA in Mass Media from the University of Mumbai with a specialization in Journalism. Her interests are human rights and the Internet, data protection,… Read more

Jose Mendoza (Venezuela) is a Legal Consultant at Fundacion Acceso Libre (Foundation for Free Access). He is also an Independent Researcher focused on publishing articles that emphasize the importance of the Internet as a means for the realization of human rights, and maintaining Internet governed under ethical principles. Jose obtained his legal qualifications from the University of Carabobo and completed… Read more

Yolanda Mlonzi (South Africa) is a Student at the University of Witwatersrand studying towards a degree in Media Studies. In 2015, she was was a Google Policy Fellow (Africa), and it was through this fellowship that she gained a deeper understanding of pertinent issues related to Internet governance. Subsequently, she worked for the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) assisting with… Read more

Michael J. Oghia (United States) is a Belgrade-based Internet governance Consultant and Editor. He is currently the Communications Manager of IGMENA, a program operated by Hivos, and works with DiploFoundation as Assistant Curator for the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP). He is actively involved in regional IGF initiatives, such as the Southeastern European Dialogue on Internet governance (SEEDIG) and the European… Read more

Anna Orlova (Russian Federation) is a Researcher at the Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN). She also participates in the Working Group for the Amazon Digital Radio HF Network (UNESP). Anna obtained her BA in Psychology and MA in Sociology (European Societies) from the Saint-Petersburg State University. She recently joined the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Initiative of… Read more

Andrej Petrovski (Serbia) currently works as a Computer Forensics Analyst at SHARE Foundation. He holds a BEng in Informatics and a MSc in Electronic Crime and Digital Forensics. He currently works on obtaining and analyzing evidence in cases of cybercrime that occur in the online media sphere. He is also involved in research on the impact of cyber attacks on… Read more

Elvin Prasad (Fiji) works as a Senior ICT Engineer in the Ministry of Communications. He is also the ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) Representative for his country. Elvin holds a BSc in Engineering & Computer Science and a MSc in Information Systems. His present interests are Internet of Things (IoT), IPv6, privacy, and cybersecurity, and he hopes to use the… Read more

Victor Ramos (Venezuela) is Founding Member and Director of Generacion en Red. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Victor is involved with TEDxMetropolitanCaracas where discussions will center around Internet access, freedom of information, citizen participation and transparency. He is also currently in discussions with the Commission on Science and Technology of… Read more

Dirgayuza Setiawan (Indonesia) is a Student / Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). His current research and policy interest is in online age verification for the purpose of keeping young users away from unintentional exposure to pornography and other age-inappropriate content. He obtained his BA in Media Communication and Political Science from the University of Melbourne and is currently… Read more

Mamothokoane Tlali (Lesotho) is a Manager at the Lesotho Network Information Centre (LsNIC), which is a non-profit organization formed by the national telecommunications regulator to oversee ccTLD operations and to promote Internet access and ICT penetration in the country.  Prior to that, she was an IP Systems Engineer at Vodacom Lesotho where she worked on core routing and IP backbone… Read more

Jeannette Torrez (Argentina) is a Researcher in the privacy and freedom of expression areas of Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (ADC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She holds a degree in Sociology and participates in research groups at the University of Buenos Aires in the area of Urban Sociology. Jeannette oversees a number of projects that analyze the actual challenges to… Read more

Arsene Tungali (Democratic Republic of Congo) is a Mandela Washington Fellow, and has been engaged with UNICEF, AfriNIC, ICANN, Central Africa IGF Organizing Committee, and DiploFoundation. Arsene holds a BSc in Agricultural Studies from Université de Goma as well as a number of certificates in Internet governance and civic leadership. He has been working with the ITU on their Girls… Read more

Jevgenija Voronko (Belarus) is a Public Relations Manager for the Registry of Belarusian domains .BY and .БЕЛ (.BEL) She is also the Secretary of the Belarus IGF and was part of the organizing team for the first Belarus national IGF that was attended by more than 300 representatives from government, business and civil society. She is committed to providing better… Read more

Adrian Wan

Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager

I'm a Senior Manager, Policy & Advocacy at the Internet Society. I focus on issues affecting the Internet’s openness, connectivity, trustworthiness, and security, with an emphasis on Asia-Pacific. I lead the global Community Networks project. A former business and technology journalist with the South China Morning Post based in Hong Kong and Beijing, I found interest in technology policy and… Read more

Alessia Zucchetti (Uruguay) is the Research Project Manager and Coordinator of Ceibal Foundation in Uruguay. Alessia has been involved in Internet governance and policy for the past four years, and her current work includes developing and managing national and international ICT projects and programmes, capacity-building initiatives, and providing policy assessment in education & technology, digital citizenship, open access, privacy and… Read more