Past IGF Ambassadors

Gabriel Adonaylo manages Internet business arrangements for Comsat in Latin America. He has broad international and Internet experience, including Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and peering arrangements. He participated in the first IGF meeting in Athens in 2006 and has also been actively involved in the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) community and in many Argentinean initiatives, such… Read more

Julian Casasbuenas is a chemical engineer with more than 20 years experience in environmental, information, and communication technologies. He has been involved with ISOC since 1993, when he helped establish the NGO Colnodo, which provides Internet services to Colombian development organisations. Colnodo is motivated by issues such as human rights, environment, housing, and the betterment of women's lives. With Colnodo… Read more

Mrs. Veronica Cretu has about 14 years of work experience in Moldova, both in private and in the not-for-profit sector. Mrs. Cretu is the Founder and the President of the CMB‶ Training Center since 2002, a NGO based in Chisinau, Moldova. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomacy and IT, with Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies of Malta. Mrs. Cretu… Read more

Dr Abdul-Aziz Hilali has a long history of experience in the Internet. As a founder of the ISOC Morocco chapter in 1994, his involvement has spanned a broad range of participation in both technical and governance spheres. He holds higher degrees in mathematics and has a distinguished career as an academic, researcher, and government advisor, with a history of publications… Read more

Monia Abalo Laforgia is a telecommunications and ICT lawyer specialising in Internet issues such as privacy, cyber crime, data protection, and regulation. She recently was an organiser of a public even on New technical and legal trends in the Internet for the ISOC Argentina Chapter in Buenos Aires. She is an experienced negotiator and has a background in international legal… Read more

Charles Mok

Member, Internet Society Board of Trustees

Charles Mok has been an Internet citizen for over 40 years -- first as a user when he entered university, then a software engineer, an Internet entrepreneur, an ISP operator, an industry and civil society organizer, a lawmaker, and now a visiting scholar at the Global Digital Policy Incubator of the Cyber Policy Center at Stanford University. His research is… Read more

Cristos Velasco is a Mexican attorney with practical experience in the fields of international trade, telecommunications and technology law. He was the co-founder of a Graduate Diploma Course on Legal Aspects of Information Technologies at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM) in 2002 where he has lectured in the areas of Internet regulation, e-commerce, privacy, data protection and cybercrime law… Read more

Carlos Vera an experienced electrical engineer who also has formal studies in international relations, technology and intellectual property law, and telecommunications and Internet regulatory policy. He is the founder and International Director of the Ecuadorian Chapter of ISOC, responsible for the Ecuadorian Internet Governance Forum. His history within the telecommunications and Internet sector spans more than 20 years and includes… Read more