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Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit

It is essential that the Internet has many champions to ensure it remains open, secure, trustworthy and globally connected. 

You can help protect the Internet and influence governments and policymakers. 

The Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit can help you protect and defend the Internet we all want: one that is open, globally connected, secure and trustworthy.

Producing an Internet impact brief is the first step toward promoting better decisions about the Internet in your country and community. 

How can you support a healthy foundation for the Internet?

Protect the foundation of critical properties that underpin its success.

An Accessible Infrastructure with a Common Protocol

Open Architecture of Interoperable and Reusable Building Blocks

Decentralized Management and a Single Distributed Routing System

Common Global Identifiers

A Technology Neutral, General-Purpose Network

Uphold the enablers of an open, globally-connected, secure and trustworthy Internet.

Easy and Unrestricted Access


Available Capacity

Collaborative Development, Management, and Governance

Data Confidentiality of Information, Devices, and Applications

Unrestricted use and Deployment of Internet Technologies

Integrity of Information, Applications, and Services


Unrestricted Reachability

Reliability, Resilience, and Availability