Local action. Global change.

the world lacks
Internet access

It starts at home.

Local heroes working together to find ways to close the global digital divide.

Community networks offer a solution. These “do it yourself” networks built by people, for people, are more than just connection. Because when people connect to the Internet, they connect to opportunity.

Learn what it takes to build and sustain your own community network at a local Community Network Summit.

The Community Network Champions spent hours on airplanes, on trains, and in cars to get to the remote town in India. But it was with a purpose: a hands-on learning program to dig deep into how community-driven, frugal technology can connect the unconnected. They returned home to Nigeria, Haiti, Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Indonesia, and the Philippines with renewed energy and skills to bridge the digital divide in their own communities.

The Internet is for everyone. Ready to join the movement?

Join the conversation, form partnerships, problem solve, and learn about local successes!

2020 Events

Virtual Summit on Community Networks in Africa

2020-2021 summit will be held virtually and consist of five webinars revolving around growing Community Networks in the continent.

The fifth event was held on 24 February 2021, providing participants a deep dive inside the operations of an African community network.

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Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2020

5-9 October 2020

Each year, the Indigenous Connectivity Summit brings together community network managers and operators, Indigenous-owned Internet service providers, community members, researchers, policy makers and Indigenous leaders. We discuss ways to ensure Alaska Native, American Indian, Inuit, Native Hawaiian, First Nations and Métis communities have affordable, high-quality and sustainable Internet access, and talk about how it can support social and economic development.

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2019 Events


14-15 November 2019
Tbilisi, Georgia

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North America

12-13 November 2019
Hilo, Hawaii, USA

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28 October – 2 November 2019
Dodoma, Tanzania

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Latin America & Caribbean

24-28 September 2019
Fusagasugá, Colombia

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29 August 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

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Together, we can connect the world. One community at a time.