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Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2016


The 2016 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) took place from  6 - 9 December 2016 in  Guadalajara, Mexico and in a series of remote hubs located around the world.

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IGF 2016 Blog Posts

  • Many stakeholders are now coming home after a productive week at the 2016 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

    As the first IGF since its 10 year mandate renewal by the UN General Assembly, this was a key edition to set the stage for multistakeholder cooperation in the next few years, and to identify the issues that will have to be addressed by the global Internet community now and in the near future.  

    And the challenges are not missing. In a context where nationalist and de-globalization movements makes progress in all parts...

    Date published 14 December 2016

  • When I first moved to Mexico, I started working with a really cool organization called Palabra Radio, which is a community radio organization here in Oaxaca. I was really impressed with how communities were operating, owning, and sort of dealing with everything that comes with operating their own low power FM radio station. That gave me the idea to try and do something similar with mobile communication, which is how Rhizomatica came about.

    Before coming to Mexico, I’d been working in Nigeria, where I’d done some work on small scale, DIY rural mobile networks. What we wanted to do...

    Date published 09 December 2016

  • It's closing day at the 2016 Internet Governance Forum and it's time to wrap up with some great sessions, best practices, and a look towards what's next.

    As you pack your bags or your laptop, let us know what you think is next. What were your take aways from the sessions. What did you learn from the Best Practice Forums. More importantly, what will YOU do to implement what you discovered.

    Tell us!

    Here's what's on today Day 4: Friday, December 9 WHAT WHEN / WHERE ISOC REPRESENTATIVE WS97: How to create relevant Internet Governance Content


    Date published 09 December 2016

  • Today looks like it's going to be a really interesting day the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Talks on human rights, cyber security, and how to stand for diversity and inclusiveness in discussions around how the Internet grows.

    Day 3: Thursday, December 8 WHAT WHEN / WHERE ISOC REPRESENTATIVE BPF Cybersecurity

    Workshop Room 9

    Hiroshi Esaki speaking Human Rights: Broadening the Conversation...
    Date published 08 December 2016

  • I’m a lawyer by training, but my day job is to develop applied research that may allow people to enjoy the benefits of the Internet. There's a lot of people involved in this field, and my part is to look at where technology and regulation meet.

    I came across community networks a couple of years ago. I’d been working a lot on Internet access, human rights and connectivity issues and net neutrality.

    One of the hot topics in that debate is zero rating. What these practices mean is a provider sponsors a given app, like Facebook, or a type of apps, making it possible for you to...

    Date published 07 December 2016