Defend Encryption

Last year, on Global Encryption Day, we reached millions of people with our mission to promote and defend strong encryption for everyone. This year, on 21 October 2022, even more of us need to drive the message home.

Encryption is a vital tool that keeps us safe both online and offline. Weakening it puts us all at risk.

Protect Encryption
on Global Encryption Day


When you contribute to the Internet Society’s work on encryption, your generosity helps fund projects that defend encryption worldwide.

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What Is Encryption?

Encryption allows us to share private data online in a secure way. With encryption, people can communicate, safe in the knowledge no-one is listening in.

Policymakers and law enforcement are putting all this at risk by creating ways to break into your encrypted data.

But, you can’t just allow certain people to break encryption. If law enforcement can break in to your information, so can criminals. 

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