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Our Internet, Our Future: Our Plan to Protect the Internet for Today and Tomorrow

Our Action Plan 2023 outlines how we will address challenges, so that the Internet can be a resource for everyone, forever.

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US Capitol Building

We Testified Because the Internet Needs a Voice

We testified in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law in support of Section 230 ...
Picture of three men next to a blue metal container.

Misguided Policies the World over Are Slowly Killing the Open Internet

We must defend the Internet whenever there are threats, whether they come from a country, a corporation, or a misguided policy ...
European Union flag on a glass building

In One Corner, Large Telecom Operators. In the Other, Everybody Else.

We encourage everyone interested in defending an open Internet to contribute to the European Commission's public consultation on the potential developments of the connectivity sector and its infrastructure ...
European Union flags flying outside of a building

Brussels Workshop: Learning How the Internet Society Works to Stop Damaging Proposals

Brussels Internet governance workshop gives voice to critical stakeholders ...
a view of Seoul, South Korea

Sender Pays: What Lessons European Policy Makers Should Take From The Case of South Korea

As proponents of new interconnection rules in Europe champion a new settlement regime, based on a model of “sending party pays”, there is one important question looming over the debate: ...
yellow piece of paper with handwritten words "Sorry NO INTERNET Today"

Sanctions Can Deny Internet Access When People Need It Most

Political actions to prevent people in other countries from access to the Internet could set a dangerous precedent that leads to splinternet ...
an old dusty rotary phone on a table with wires falling around it

Old Rules in New Regulations – Why “Sender Pays” Is a Direct Threat to the Internet

If we stop treating the Internet as a technology-neutral, general purpose network, we'll lose it.  ...
an antenna viewed from below with barbed wire around it

Protecting the Internet As We Know It – Three Things You Can Do Today To Stop the Splinternet

Learn how to protect what the Internet needs to exist and thrive—then do something today ...