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Paula Côrte Real

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Paula Côrte Real is a Brazilian Lawyer, consultant, and researcher on Internet-related issues. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB) from the Federal University of Pernambuco and is now an MSc Student in Media and Communications Governance at the London School of Economics and Political Science being awarded a Chevening Scholarship. She has been an Internet Policy Fellow for the Internet Society (2018-2019). Paula is a Researcher at the Law and Technology Research Institute of Recife - IP.rec and serves as a Member of the Independent Review Panel of the Internet Society Foundation. Now, she works as a consultant for the Internet Way of Networking and other Internet Society projects.

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Mapping Intermediary Liability in Latin America Thumbnail
Internet Way of Networking 21 August 2020

Mapping Intermediary Liability in Latin America

Thanks to our Chapters in Latin America, we now have a clearer map of the intermediary liability regulatory landscape...

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