Jean Philemon Kissangou

Jean Philemon Kissangou

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Jean-Philemon Kissangou holds a masters degree in informatique (networking) from Senegal and a diploma in Telecommunications Policy and Regulation from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. From 2005 to 2006, he worked on Internet governance courses and research organised by the Diplo Foundation. This role led to a United Nations fellowship as a trainee at the Internet Governance Working Group Secretariat, Geneva, in September 2005. Mr Kissangou has been closely involved with the Internet community through ISOC, having helped to setup the Congolese chapter of ISOC, of which he is currently the chair. Before that, he managed and chaired two local Internet-related organisations, Le CACUP (Centre Africain de Complementarite Scolaire-Universitaire et de Promotion), an education and ICT NGO accredited by the WSIS, and ASCIS (African Civil Society for Information Society). Within those organisations, Mr Kissangou initiated many consciousness-raising activities, lectures, workshops, training sessions, and projects on Internet related-issues. Mr Kissangou is involved in contributing to the Congolese national ICT development programme. He has also worked as a teacher for many years, and is now a technical manager in an ISP. Mr Kissangou is a member of the board of directors of AfriNIC (the Africa RIR).

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