Julien Demierre

Julien Demierre

Director, Technology Solutions Architect

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Julien Demierre is the Director, Technology Solutions Architect for the Internet Society. He followed a science-oriented career path. Interested in physics, electronics and computer science, he was admitted to the technical school of Geneva where he obtained a degree in 2005 with an option in chemistry. In 2003, he took a year off and went to the United States to study English. At the same time, he attended some economy classes at Eckerd College in Florida as an independent student. During the course of his studies, he was introduced to programming, databases and technical support. He wished to work with these tools as they were a match to his personality and way of thinking. In 2005 he joined ISOC to do an internship and expand his knowledge of computer science. He worked on the various programs used by ISOC and focused on improving them in a significant way.

Julien is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Image credit: © Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Panos

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