A Connection Made for Saving Lives

We are global citizens, working together to combat a pandemic.

Navigating a widespread health crisis demands advocacy and protection for our most vulnerable communities. The teamwork of healthcare and technology professionals is urgently needed to save lives, advance research, and inform the public.

The Power of Collaboration

During these extraordinary times, we’ve had to rely on the Internet for healthcare, work, and education. Yet half the world lacks Internet access, including 30 million Americans. Cybercrime has cost organizations over one trillion dollars (USD) globally, with healthcare especially vulnerable. 93% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach.

At the Internet Society, we’re passionate about keeping the Internet healthy, safe, and strong. Much like the healthcare industry is keeping communities healthy and safe.

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Learn how diverse organizations like Google, Juniper, and Baicells are working with us for a healthy Internet.

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In New York City, 1.5 million people don’t have Internet access. NYC Mesh, a community network supported by the Internet Society, has created more than 500 nodes, connecting countless households. This has been a critical lifeline to New Yorkers who need safe and secure Internet access to learn, work, and connect – and access healthcare.

In Patagonia, a grant from the Internet Society connected a remote community of 500 people. The medical prescription process is now streamlined, while before it had been expensive and required a 130 km trip. Speed of information sharing is critical to their healthcare professionals, who need Internet access to stay abreast of COVID-19.

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