Track Descriptions

Four Drivers of The Internet

The INET Bangkok tracks are based on four drivers of the Internet in Thailand. 

1. Technology Track

This track will examine the current challenges of the Internet infrastructure and its related technologies. Sessions will discuss how technology is changing the fundamentals of how we manage our business, network and use the Internet. Specific topics covered include IPv6, Strategies for cloud based software development and WebRTC.

2. Innovation Track

This track will explore the emerging solutions and novel applications on the Internet, and how they can meet users growing needs. In addition, sessions will cover various Internet enabled systems such as e-medicine, e-farming and e-learning, and how these will redefine industry and provide positive benefit for users. Specific topics covered include Mobile-Commerce, E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, e-government (cloud) and smart devices/systems.

3. i-Society Track

This track will discuss the developing challenges and concerns with the emergence of the information society and digital economy. Specific topics covered include Integrated Internet Development Strategies, Governance in the Age of the Internet and Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and Digital Footprint.

4. Future Track

This track will explore the different types of strategies and solutions to address the Internet development challenges such as addressing the digital divide, content divide, and governance. It will also explore recommendations from the other 3 tracks into the discussion. Specific topics covered include rural Internet technologies; report on future research initiatives and Cloud and Big Data.