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We believe in the globalization of the IANA functions and that the global Internet community is ready - right now - to take on this important role

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7 September 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia 

1 Nov - 6 Nov
Yokohama, Japan

10 Nov -13 Nov
João Pessoa, Brazil


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03 September 2015

The Internet Society believes the proposal of the IANA Coordination Group (ICG) meets the principles set forth by NTIA for a successful transition and, on the whole, is a workable proposal for the continued stability of the IANA functions.

06 August 2015

A newly published Internet Society survey on Internet policy trends in Asia-Pacific found that the majority of respondents would like their government to provide more opportunities for multi-stakeholder involvement in policymaking for the Internet.

23 July 2015

The prestigious Jonathan B. Postel Service Award was presented to Rob Blokzijl for his pioneering work, 25 years of leadership at Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE), and for enabling countless others to spread the Internet across Europe and beyond.