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Internet Society Slideshow

Smiling children
Community Grants

Eleven new projects receive Community Grants awards

women working together

The Internet gets its strength from people around the world working together in an open and transparent way.

a person taking a picture of a protest

Every new communication technology requires us to rethink the delicate balance between fundamental rights

Smiling children
women working together
a person taking a picture of a protest
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Internet Events

18 Jan, 2015
Kandy, Sri Lanka
2 Feb to 4 Feb, 2015
San Antonio, United States
8 Feb to 11 Feb, 2015
San Diego, United States

Fight Ebola With Tech



To harness our collective technical expertise to assist communities affected by the Ebola epidemic, we created a community called the “Ebola TECH Response”.


Join us.




Internet Issues Spotlight

IPv6 Graph

Five per cent of all traffic globally reaching Google’s servers uses IPv6. This is great news because it means the Internet can continue to grow!

Latest Publication

Annual Review Cover

In 2013, the Internet Society continued to focus on its strategic priorities, marking important accomplishments



UN Members Strengthen Their Position on Surveillance