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Internet Society Slideshow

Circut board

Building connections in the Republic of Cape Verde

women working together

The Internet gets its strength from people around the world working together in an open and transparent way.

A guy in a coffee shop

Asia-Pacific is home to almost half of the world's mobile subscribers: how has this impacted the region?


What’s the most important thing determining your satisfaction with your Internet connection? 50Mbps must be better than 10Mbps, right? Superfast sounds really, erm, fast, right?

Woman by a computer

Help us preserve the open, global Internet by nominating qualified leaders to join the Internet Society Board of Trustees today.

Circut board
women working together
Woman by a computer
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Internet Events

28 Nov, 2014
Sao Paulo, Brazil
29 Nov to 30 Nov, 2014
Sao Paulo, Brazil
8 Feb to 11 Feb, 2015
San Diego, United States

Fight Ebola With Tech



To harness our collective technical expertise to assist communities affected by the Ebola epidemic, we created a community called the “Ebola TECH Response”.


Join us.




Internet Issues Spotlight

small business owner

Get the presentation from ION Tokyo and find out why implementing DNSSEC makes sense for businesses

Latest Publication

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Ensuring the “Internet is for everyone” is not just an organizational slogan, it is intrinsic to our genes. To that end, we have identified four key areas of action.  



Is Identity an Internet Building Block? Watch the Internet Society panel from IETF 91