Where Does Your Country Stand?
In a few months governments will meet at the WSIS + 10 high level meeting in New York to determine the future of a connected world. What are the big issues where you live?

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Global Goals

The world just made one of the biggest promises to itself ever and you have the power to make sure leaders around the world keep it.
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Support Let's Encrypt!

Join us in support of encryption as a new norm to enhance the online security
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Beyond the Net

We're so excited to announce the launch of Beyond the Net, our new grants programme for our Chapters


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10 October 2015
Gold Water Convention Center,Dhaka

1 Nov - 6 Nov
Yokohama, Japan

10 Nov -13 Nov
João Pessoa, Brazil


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08 October 2015

The Asia Internet Symposium (AIS) Dhaka will address responsible use of social media in Bangladesh.

28 September 2015

The Geneva Internet Platform and the Internet Society today announced the launch of the Digital Watch, a new online tool to empower diplomats and other Internet policy participants by providing a concise overview of Internet policy issues, participants and ongoing developments.

25 September 2015

This week, the United Nations is hosting the Sustainable Development Summit (SDS) where the international community will embrace a global agenda to alleviate poverty, expand health and education, and preserve our planet for future generations.