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TLS for Applications


The Internet Society Deploy360 Programme provides real-world deployment information for key Internet technologies. We aim to bridge the gap between the IETF standards process and final adoption of those standards by the global operations community. We find, create and promote resources that are easy to understand and quickly actionable by the IT professionals responsible for the implementation of new technologies and standards.

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Recent Posts

  • Announcing ION Bangladesh in April!

    Announcing ION Bangladesh in April!

    I’m thrilled to announce we’ve just finalized plans to hold our first ION Conference of 2016 – ION Bangladesh will be held on Monday, 11 …...
  • Norwegian Network Operators Group (NoNOG) is born

    Norwegian Network Operators Group (NoNOG) is born

    The Norwegian Internet community last week came together at the Norwegian Internet Exchange (NIX) meeting in Oslo. Whilst various topics were presented and discussed, we would like to …...
  • Making IPv6 Work

    Making IPv6 Work

    It’s worth highlighting an interesting blog by George Michaelson at APNIC Labs who considers some of the operational and business support challenges of deploying IPv6. …...
  • TLS…? Yes!

    TLS…? Yes!

    We’re currently making an effort to build out our TLS for Applications resources, and we’re pleased to announce some updates. First up, we’ve added a …...
  • Let’s Encrypt certificates for mail servers and DANE – Part 1 of 2

    Let’s Encrypt certificates for mail servers and DANE – Part 1 of 2

    Some would think that having a trusted certificate for your services such as web and email servers is enough, but some might wish to add an extra layer of …...

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