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Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

The United Nations created the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to continue the work of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

The IGF has brought together people from government, private sector, technical community and civil society to discuss Internet governance issues at a series of annual meetings since 2006.

Why is the IGF important?

The Internet Governance Forum is one of the most successful outcome of the WSIS. It brings together governments, civil society, the private sector and the technical community in an informal setting, free from binding negotiations.

The IGF is a unique platform for all of these stakeholders to openly exchange perspectives and concerns on key issues that may affect the future of the Internet for billions of users. Issues dealt by the IGF include:

This type of cooperative engagement is usually referred to as the multistakeholder model of Internet Governance, which is one of the key features for the Internet’s success.

This model is paramount to ensure that the Internet remains sustainable for economic and social development.

What is the Internet Society doing there?

The Internet Society has been engaged in and supported the IGF since its inception in 2006, in Athens.

Every year, we organize workshops and session in partnership with other stakeholders to address key Internet issues.

The Future of the IGF

On 14 February the Internet Society's public policy experts to shared insights and discuss the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), how it works today, the experiences that it has helped us acquire and how it can evolve.  

Our Chapter in New York has made the audio available through its website. Here's how you can listen to the discussion:

Listen to it via YouTube


More on our past engagement:


How you can get involved?

IGF Ambassadors

The Internet Society runs an ambassadorship programme to send subject matter experts from across the world to the Forum itself, thereby facilitating the exchange of information and best practices with key stakeholders participating in the meeting.

Find out more about our IGF Ambassadors Programme.

Remote participation

The IGF offers remote participation opportunities, allowing interested individuals from across the globe to follow and take part into the discussions.

Detailed information is provided as we get closer to annual IGF meetings. More information is on the IGF website.