Other IPv6 Stuff at APRICOT 2017

We already covered the IPv6 Deployment session during APRICOT 2017, but there were several other IPv6-related sessions that are worth mentioning. First thing to mention is that there was a tutorial on deployment of IPv6 in a production mobile network. This was a 1.5-hour session led by Jeff Schmidt (Telstra) and provided some insights into Read more…

IPv6 at Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference

The Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC16) is being held all this week at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, USA. It’s worth mentioning that Stuart Cheshire from Apple will be talking about how to support IPv6 during the Networking for the Modern Internet session this coming Thursday, 16 June 2016 between 1500 and 1540 PDT/UTC-7. The presentations Read more…

‘Introduction to IPv6’ Online Tutorial Now Available!


The Internet Society has developed an online tutorial called “Introduction to IPv6” to provide a brief primer for individuals who are interested in better understanding IPv6. The target audiences for this tutorial are recent university graduates, network administrators, network engineers, and other parties with a working knowledge of IPv4 who are looking for a basic Read more…

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Taking to the Road with IPv6 in Slovenia

In short: It’s doable and your government should support it! Over 4 years ago, the Go6 Institute started a discussion with the Slovenian government about the idea for a Slovenian IPv6 roadshow project. This would include a web portal with basic technical and deployment information about the IPv6 protocol, as well as one-day basic IPv6 workshops that Read more…

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IPv6 for the End User

IPv6 Badge

So much IPv6 talk is centered around operators and their configurations. With this post we’re going to focus on end user IPv6 configuration. We recently completed three resource pages dedicated to helping end users configure their desktop operating systems for IPv6. The resources aim to help users of Apple’s Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Read more…

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A Quick Ebook To Learn About IPv6: The Consumer Guide

Are you looking for a quick way to learn more about IPv6 and how to get started?  Would you like to quickly set up a computer to test out IPv6 and learn how to use it? If so, check out the Consumer Guide: All About IPv6.  Published by the Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter, this ebook Read more…

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Video: Cisco’s Hangout on “Enabling IPv6 In Your Network”

It’s the second day of 2014. Are you at work looking to get started with deploying IPv6 in your network? Or are you at home on holiday break and looking for something educational to watch online?  Was deploying IPv6 one of your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, you might be interested in watching this Google+ Read more…

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Free Ebook: IPv6 for IPv4 Experts (in English and Russian)

IPv6 for IPv4 Experts book

Looking for some reading over the holiday break? Want to learn more about IPv6 and how you can be a part of the ongoing transition of the Internet? If so, Yar Tikhiy has written a free ebook, “IPv6 for IPv4 Experts” that is available from: https://sites.google.com/site/yartikhiy/home/ipv6book The book is available in English in two forms Read more…

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2 Excellent New Tutorials On IPv6 Address Planning From ISOC and SURFnet

Example Router Topology

How should you plan out your IPv6 addresses? What is the best way to allocate IPv6 address blocks to your various networks and subnets? What factors should you be considering when mapping out a plan for how best to use your IPv6 addresses?  These are all great questions and were in fact topics I covered Read more…

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Second Free IPv6 Webinar Tomorrow (Weds) – IPv6 Transition Technologies

Africa IPv6 Heat Map

If you missed today’s IPv6 webinar sponsored by AFRINIC, y0u still have a chance to join in tomorrow when the focus will be primarily on “IPv6 transition technologies” and how you can connect your network to IPv6.  More information and the registration link can be found here: http://www.afrinic.net/en/library/news/946-ipv6-webinar Tomorrow session starts again at 13:00 UTC (15:00 Read more…

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