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Facts and Figures

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The following links offer a variety of resources for Internet statistics, trends, and demographics. The Internet Society cannot guarantee the reliability and accuracy of all of the material presented, nor do we endorse any commercial products or services available from these sites, but we hope these resources will give you plenty of starting points for further research.

    The Global Internet User Survey provides reliable information relevant to issues important to the Internet’s future and informs the Internet Society's programmes and activities. Topics covered in the annual survey include how users manage personal information online, attitudes toward the Internet and human rights, and the potential for the Internet to address issues such as economic development and education.

Internet World Stats
    The Big Picture of World Internet Users and Population Statistics.

Internet Traffic Report
    Monitors the Flow of Data Around the World.

Cowles/Simba Information Services
    Various research studies include data on World Wide Web advertising revenue, Internet user base, and electronic sale of tangible goods.

    Provide comprehensive data on advertising revenue on the Internet, and the impact and trends of advertising on the Net.

Forrester Research, Inc.
    Demographic analysis of Web users and the penetration of the PC market, including age and income bracket analysis.

The Gartner Group
    Internet Strategies (INET) is the Gartner Group's service for the research of trends on the Internet and WWW.

comScore Media Metrix
    Audience measurement service. Monitors WWW, Internet, and online service usage, as well as computer hardware and software trends.

Stanford-Poynter Project "Eyetrack"
    Study evaluating interaction of Internet users with a wide range of sites.

Network Startup Resource Center
    A database of international networking developments.