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Organization Reports & Policies

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Annual Review

Our Annual Review takes a brief but detailed view on our work over the prevoius year.

Business Plan

Our Business Plan sets the direction of the Internet Society's work by setting out management priorties over a two-year period.  Our Business Plan is updated every two years and is approved by our Board of Trustees.

Financial Reports

The Internet Society works to ensure the Internet, as a unique platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity, the continues to thrive so the world can be a better place.  The Internet Society presents financial reports on an annual basis to ensure accountability and transparency.

As a U.S. federally tax-exempt organization, each fiscal year the Internet Society is required to file Form 990 with the United States, Internal Revenue Service. Form 990 and the accompanying FAQs provide information on the Internet Society's mission, programmes and finances.

Governance Documents and Policies

The Internet Society is formed as a corporation, with Articles and By-Laws. The Society's Board or Management adopts key Policies and Procedures to ensure it conducts activities under best practices in operating procedures.


As part of her work, Internet Society President and CEO Kathy Brown frequently gives speeches on vital Internet issues. Our Senior Executives do the same.