Africa Regional Internet and Development Dialogue

Enhancing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education in Africa through the Internet

When: 08-09 May 2017

Where: Kigali Marriott Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda


Africa is one of the largest continents of the world with abundant resources that are key to its economic growth. However, despite of its natural and human resources, the continent remains to be faced with considerable development challenges. Today, Africa stands at a crossroad. New opportunities are rising ahead. Through creating an enabling environment, Africa can bring a much-needed economic transformation and development if it uses these opportunities.

The Internet brings new development opportunities for Africa. The opportunities for an African economic breakthrough through the Internet are real and within reach. The democratization of entrepreneurship and innovation can open tremendous opportunities to African countries. But is Africa using these Internet of opportunities? Recently, there have been some encouraging signs of some African countries building their Internet infrastructure and creating a real economy around the Internet. Some of these countries are already reaping the benefits of the Internet economy. They are also using the Internet to transform all aspects of their economic, social and political lives but a lot still remains to be done.


The main objective of the 2017 Africa Regional Internet and Development Dialogue is to create a forum for all stakeholders to discuss the various opportunities and requirements for entrepreneurship and innovation as well as for education for this new age of the Internet. The conference is part of the global series of Internet Development conferences organized by the Internet Society with the aim of supporting the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, the conference will offer open high-level discussions addressing the following dimensions:

  • Internet and SDGs
  • Connecting the Next Billion
  • African Internet Economy
  • Opportunities for Africa’s education

Invitations will be sent to experts representing governments from within and outside Africa. In addition, leading regional experts, industry representatives, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs and research institutes will also be invited to attend. Expected number of attendees:70

Expected Outcomes

It is expected that this conference will lead to a number of possible outcomes, including:

  • Engagements and follow-up with national governments and other stakeholders present at the conference
  • Partnerships might be established around
    • Creating enabling environment for the Internet economy in Africa
    • Tranforming Africa’s education using the Internet
  • The Regional Internet development conference might become an annual event that serves as a pragmatic forum for broadening discussion about the Internet and socio-economic development