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Internet Governance Forum 2013

When It Happened: October  22-25, 2013

Where It Happened: Bali Indonesia (Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center)

Theme: Multistakeholder Works

While the Internet has proven its success from economic, development, technological, and societal perspectives, its continued growth as a multistakeholder platform cannot be taken for granted. 
The Internet Society strongly believes that to ensure a sustainable Internet, the Internet must maintain its core characteristics of open, global and interoperable technical standards for innovation; open access and freedom of expression for all users; openness for business and economic progress; based on a collaborative, inclusive, multistakeholder governance model.   

IGF 2013 Documents and Publications

The Value Of Openness for a Sustainable Internet

This paper describes openness in the context of the Internet and its effects, and why openness is important to the sustainability of the Internet as we move forward. 

Read the Taxonomy Presented at the IGF 

We prepared a document in an effort to frame Internet challenges and to highlight existing solutions.

Questionnaire on Multistakeholder Goverance

The Internet Society launched a survey to gain greater insights into multistakeholder governance perceptions and processes at all levels – national, regional, and international. The results of the survey are  available. Read the full report.

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IGF 2013 Speeches

IGF 2013 Daily Updates

Keep up-to-date with what's happeing in Bali with our daily updates:

Member Contributions: IGF 2013

We asked our members how they are contributing to an open and sustainable Internet. See how they are helping to build bridges and encourage multistakeholder cooperation.

2013 IGF Ambassadors Programme

Individuals chosen as IGF Ambassadors participate at the IGF representing the Internet Society by promoting the organization’s positions on public policy issues related to the themes of the IGF. They also contribute by providing local and regional perspectives and opinions to enhance the quality of the various sessions and workshops, providing subject matter expertise and facilitating the exchange of information and best practices with key stakeholders participating in the meetings. 

More Ressources

2013 IGF Sub-Themes

  • Human Rights, freedom of expression, free flow of information on the Internet
  • Access/Diversity: Internet as an Engine for Growth and Sustainable Development
  • Internet Governance Principles
  • Principles of Multistakeholder Cooperation
  • Security: Legal and other Frameworks: Spam, Hacking and Cyber-crime
  • Enhanced Multistakeholder Cooperation

2013 IGF Report