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Looking to the Internet's future

We want to hear your thoughts on what tomorrow’s Internet might look like!

Building in silhouette

In March 2016, the Internet Society launched a project to look ahead and take stock of the key forces of change that could impact the future of the Internet.  We engaged with a broad community of Members, Chapters, experts and partners.  We conducted two global surveys that generated more than 1,500 responses from 156 countries and economies.  In addition, we interviewed more than 115 Internet experts and hosted six virtual roundtables.
The input we received was wide-ranging, across political, economic, social, technical and even environmental issues. To help shape the next phase of our work, we would like your views on the nine game-changing shifts, challenges, and drivers for the future that emerged as key issues.  Your feedback will be used to prioritize and sharpen our focus as we develop our understanding of how the Internet may evolve in the next ten years.
Click on the boxes below to view a high-level description of each future challenge and uncertainty identified by our community.  Send your input on these questions to FOTI@isoc.org:
•       Which of these nine drivers and challenges will have the biggest impact on the future of the Internet in the next 7-10 years?
•       Are there major issues that are missing from this list?
•       What 2-3 issues would you prioritize for our research on the future of the Internet?