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2016 Board of Trustees Election

Calling Internet Leaders!

The Internet Society (ISOC) Board of Trustees provides strategic direction, inspiration, and oversight to advance the organization’s mission of preserving the open, global Internet.

The Internet Society’s by-laws specify that four Trustees are to be selected by Organization members, Chapters, and the IETF. Based on a rotating schedule, in 2016, Organization members will elect two Trustees; Chapters will elect one Trustee, and the IETF will select one Trustee. Following an orientation program, all new Trustees will begin 3-year terms commencing with the Annual General Meeting in mid-year 2016.

The Role of Individual Trustees

  • Become familiar with the many complex technology, policy and development issues we face;
  • Bring diverse professional backgrounds and regional perspectives to board deliberations;
  • Attend board meetings* (three per year) and strategic planning retreats (one per year);
  • Volunteer to lead or serve on one or more committees of the board;
  • Participate in board conference calls (three to four 2-hour calls per year); and
  • Participate in online board discussions, polls and surveys as required.

*The board attempts to reduce Trustee travel and time away from home by co-locating one of its meetings each year with an IETF meeting and one with an ICANN meeting. The other board meeting is typically co-located with an Internet Society meeting or event.  Reimbursement for travel to board meetings and retreats is provided to Trustees who request it. The Internet Society does not provide other compensation for board service.

Nominations close at 15:00 UTC on December 21, 2015. 

Candidate Forums on Connect

To facilitate dialogue between Chapter Leaders, Organization Members and candidates for their respective elections, the Elections Committee is again offering Candidate Forums on the ISOC Connect platform. The Forums enable candidates to post election statements, and to answer your questions.

Chapter Leaders and Organization Members can subscribe to the Forum for their respective community by clicking on the link provided to them in a March 10 or 11 email from Hans Peter Dittler with the subject line “Invitation to join ISOC Candidate Forum for Chapters on Connect” or “Invitation to join ISOC Candidate Forum for Organization Members on Connect”. Chapter Leaders and Organization Members can find the message in their email inboxes or their “Message Inbox” in Connect.

Chapter Leaders and Organization Members who do not find the email providing the link, or who experience difficulty accessing the Forum should contact A new email with link or other help will be provided.