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Beyond the Net Funding Programme

Beyond the Net - Impact Report 2015

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The Internet Changes Everything

At the Internet Society, we believe that the internet has the power to change lives. That’s why we’ve launched the Beyond the Net Funding Programme, giving everyone the chance to make a positive difference and join us in our mission to provide open, secure internet access for all.

Our Beyond the Net Funding Programme gives Internet Society members the opportunity to contribute at a local or regional level through an Internet Society Chapter. We support bright ideas that work in partnership with local organisations to empower people around the world. 

How Beyond the Net funding works

We first started funding community Internet projects back in 2005, and we’ve supported over 180 projects since then. These projects are planned and brought to life by our members. 

We’ve helped fund projects covering everything from education and policy-making, from teaching technical skills to at-risk young people, to helping local engineers deploy leading technology. 

Examples of successful projects include: 

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What funding is available?

The Beyond the Net funding programme provides financial support of up to 30 000 USD.

There are three sizes of grants:

1. Small projects you can finish in a short time

Up to 3 500 USD. These supports one-off projects that address a particular community need.

2. Medium-scale funding

Up to 10 000 USD. These projects will typically be completed within a year, focusing on lasting solutions to local challenges.

3. Large-scale funding

Up to 30 000 USD. These projects will typically be completed within two years and will tackle several challenges affecting the Internet Society community.

Do you have an idea for a project?

Find out more about applying for Beyond the Net funding

How to Apply for Beyond the Net Funding 

To make your application as simple as possible, please read application guidelines before getting started. 

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Any questions?

Feel free to contact or contact your Internet Society Chapter.