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Beyond the Net Funding Programme

Beyond the Net - Impact Report 2015

Download "Impact Report 2015"

The Internet Changes Everything

At the Internet Society, we believe that the internet has the power to change lives. That’s why we’ve launched the Beyond the Net Funding Programme, giving everyone the chance to make a positive difference and join us in our mission to provide open, secure internet access for all.

Our Beyond the Net Funding Programme gives Internet Society members the opportunity to contribute at a local or regional level through an Internet Society Chapter. We support bright ideas that work in partnership with local organisations to empower people around the world. 

How Beyond the Net funding works 

We first started funding community Internet projects back in 2005, and we’ve supported over 180 projects since then. These projects are planned and brought to life by our members. 

We’ve helped fund projects covering everything from education and policy-making, from teaching technical skills to at-risk young people, to helping local engineers deploy leading technology. 

Examples of successful projects include:

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Who can apply? 

Applications for Beyond the Net funding will primarily be accepted from Internet Society Chapters or projects with an Internet Society Chapter actively involved. Check if there is a chapter in your country

What kind of projects do we fund? 

We fund projects that support our mission and use the internet to help change lives. We support projets that help the community, providing tools and skills and creating visibility to your Chapter. We offer several programmes:

  • Small projects you can finish in a short time funding (up to 3 500 USD);
  • Medium-scale funding (up to 10 000 USD) and;
  • Large-scale funding (up to 20 000 USD) and;
  • Chaperthon; working together for a common goal.

Do you have an idea for a project? 

We support bright ideas that work in partnership with local organisations to empower people around the world. Check our programmes specifications (link below) or join us in one of the upcoming Info Sessions

Calendar of Applications

Programme Name Application Deadline Evaluation Period Final Decisions
BNet Medium and Large grants 7 Aug - 14 September 2017  Sep - Oct 2017 Mid Nov 2017
BNet Small Grants 30 November 2017 Ongoing Ongoing
Chapterthon 1 August - 15 September 2017 October 2017 October 2017
Chapter Admin Funding 1 April to 30 June  Ongoing 30 June

25 Anniversary 12 April to 30 June Ongoing 30 June

Any questions?

Feel free to contact or contact your Internet Society Chapter.