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Award Nomination Procedures

The committee places particular emphasis on candidates who have supported and enabled others in addition to their own specific actions.

Please note that the nominee does not need to be a member of the Internet Society. When submitting your nomination, please include the following details:

  • Name and contact details for nominee
  • CV or biography of nominee
  • Statement of recommendation
  • List of corroborating references, including names, email addresses, and telephone numbers.

What To Include in Your Statement

Your statement should include specific acts, works, contributions, and other criteria that would show the nominee fits the standards set by Jon Postel. It should be clear from your statement that your nominee has performed in this manner over a long period of time, not simply that the nominee has done several significant things in the area of data communications and the Internet.

How to Nominate Someone

Nominations are currently open and may be submitted by self-nomiation or by a third party (person or group) with direct knowledge of the candidate’s contribution. 

The deadline for nominations is 3 May 2017.

Click on the button below and fill-in the online form. For any questions please contact