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IETF Policy Programme

Policy guests group portrait
IETF 87 Berlin Regulators © Richard Stonehouse Photography
Bringing Policy Experts and the IETF Together
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a community of volunteer specialists that collaborate to develop and promote the open standards that lie at the heart of the Internet.  
The IETF Policy programme allows for close interaction between policy experts from developing countries and IETF participants in an environment that supports dialogue, information sharing, and problem solving.  
On the one hand, although very technical, IETF discussions shape the way online communications happen. On the other, policy influences how these technical solutions are implemented and used by society at large.

Building Support for Open Standards

The programme focuses on fostering this exchange by giving policy experts the opportunity to interact directly with the open, multi-stakeholder community of technical experts at the IETF.
The goal is to build support among policymakers worldwide:
  • for the IETF’s unique model of standards development and how that contributes to the global Internet
  • to provide an opportunity for the IETF to gain a better understanding of the concerns and priorities in developing countries.
The topics addressed in the program include: 
  • Technical aspects of the Domain Name System
  • Overview of IP Routing
  • Introduction to Interconnection and traffic exchange
  • Security and privacy protocols
  • Open Standards processes
The programme also creates an alumni network of past participants to keep in touch and provide a networking platform.

Sponsor the IETF Policy Programme

Strengthening the ties between the Internet technical community and policymakers is essential for the continued growth of the Internet. Through this programme, leading policy decision makers from around the world gain first-hand knowledge about how the IETF works and the role that open standards play in the global Internet ecosystem.   
Support for this program is essential to allow the Internet Society to continue building policy support for the multistakeholder model and open standards.

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