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Collaborative Leadership Exchange

The Collaborative Leadership Exchange was a prelude to Global INET 2012, and was designed to provide participants with a range of chances to participate with others who want to take a more active role in building a stronger, more vibrant Internet, in sessions that explored:

  •   How we can lead from the grassroots
  •   What unique traits of leadership the Internet requires
  •   How to identify our own leadership styles and build on them
  •   What steps we can take to strengthen our leadership skills

Thanks to All Who Joined Us!

We thank all who were a part of the first-ever Collaborative Leadership Exchange!

Check out an excellent writeup from the Elon University site.

We have also posted notes from CLX sessions, and we encourage CLX participants to share their own notes with us for posting!


The agenda was developed in collaboration with participants before and during the event.

We thank everyone who shared ideas for session!


The event took place at the Centre International de Conférences Genève