INET San Francisco

Location: Santa Clara University - Mayer Theater
May 9, 2014
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Cyber Surveillance: Silicon Valley Impacts and Responses

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Internet Society held the 2nd Cyber Surveillance Conference at the Mayer Theater on the Santa Clara University Campus on Friday, 9 May.

Participants joined us for an interactive forum as we discuss the topic from a unique perspective: what harm have the recent revelations (whether you consider them valid or not) about NSA cyber surveillance activities had upon Silicon Valley companies? What will happen if nothing is done to change those activities? What can Silicon Valley companies do to mitigate that risk? What can or should public policy advocates do to help?

INET San Francisco featured panels of experts from the business community, public policy advocates and even members of the press weigh in on:

Panel #1: Perspectives from individual businesses. Representatives from Silicon Valley businesses expressed their concerns about impacts upon their customers and their businesses.

Panel #2: The technological perspective. Companies current and planned technological responses to protect their customers and themselves.

Panel #3: Members of the press voiced their opinions about those news stories that have had the most impact upon Silicon Valley companies.

Panel #4: Public policy experts expressed their views about what public policy changes should be made to protect Silicon Valley business and their customers—and what public policy advocates should do to advance those changes.

Panel #5: Business and public policy panel members joined to discuss what opportunities—and challenges—exist for better collaboration between the business community and those involved in the world of public policy and governance.


Featured speaker: David Brin. David Brin is a bestselling and multiple award winning Science Fiction author, physicist and futurist who has written broadly on the topic (including an influential non-fiction book, The Transparent Society). He has also appeared in a number of documentaries on The Science Channel.