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As an Internet Society member, your organisation can make a real difference by supporting and contributing to the evolution of the Internet as an open, decentralized platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity.

Your membership enables the Internet Society to expand its global activities and initiatives in standards development, capacity building, education, and public policy.

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Becoming an Internet Society member further provides significant opportunities for you and your organisation:

  • Awareness: Be informed on Internet policy, technical, and development issues that impact your business and the market at large.
  • Engagement: Collaborate with key stakeholders to address the critical issues impacting the general welfare and effectiveness of the global Internet.
  • Advantage: Stay ahead of the new technology trends and leverage that knowledge to grow your business and your partnership opportunities.
  • Opportunity: Align yourself with key players in the industry who have committed to expanding the global Internet community.  
  • Partnership: Expand your global network of contacts with respected industry leaders, top-level policy makers, scientists, and engineers, and establish new partnerships and opportunities.


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