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TLS-O-MATIC Now Available To Test TLS In Applications


Do you want to test how well your application supports TLS over HTTP?  If so, you can now head over to: and run your application through a whole series of self-tests. As he explains in a blog post announcing TLS-O-MATIC, Olle Johansson launched the site as a public service with 15 tests for the Read more…

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Geoff Huston Unravels An IPv6 Bug Involving Apple Mail And Microsoft Exchange

Geoff Huston's blog post

Geoff Huston at APNIC Labs published today a fascinating and very well-documented exploration of why he was having occasional seemingly random problems sending email from his Apple Mail program via APNIC’s Microsoft Exchange Server. It’s such a good read that I’ll not spoil the story, other than to say it is a good example of the Read more…

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Got A DNSSEC Project That Needs Funding? Apply to NLnet Foundation Before Dec 1

NLNet Foundation

Do you have an open source project (or the idea for one) related to DNSSEC that needs funding? Perhaps a new tool that will make it easier to use DNSSEC?  Or perhaps new software that supports the DANE protocol to increase the security of TLS/SSL? A browser plugin?  A program that makes it easier for Read more…

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FreeBSD IPv6 Performance Analysis Project Brings Parity With IPv4

FreeBSD Foundation Logo

The FreeBSD Foundation posted this week about the completion of a “IPv6 Performance Analysis Project” that had as its main goal closing the gap between IPv4 and IPv6 in terms of performance. Bjoern Zeeb was awarded a grant to perform this work earlier this year and has maintained a “Benchmarking and results” page showing his Read more…

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Slides: The Status of IPv6 and Open Source/Free Operating systems

What is the status of IPv6 support in free / open source operating systems? Recently Olle Johansson gave a presentation in Sweden where he provided, in his own words: A status report from a brief test of IPv6 support (including DHCPv6 and SLAAC) in OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora compared with Windows 7 and OS/X Read more…

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DNSSEC And The Challenge Of Modern Websites

queries of modern websites

Given that modern websites often pull content from a variety of different sites to build a single page, what impact does that have on DNSSEC and providing the security that it does? That was one of the questions raised in a recent post by the DNSSEC Deployment Initiative titled “Are You Secure?” This key point Read more…

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Want to add DNSSEC to your application? See our list of developer libraries…

Want to add DNSSEC validation to your application? Looking for a weekend hacking project? Or a developer library to help speed up your work? If so, take a look at our list of DNSSEC developer libraries we recently compiled. Currently we’ve listed libraries/modules for: C Erlang Go Java Perl Python Ruby And we’re always on Read more…

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