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Globe super imposed over binary numbers
© istock photo / Denis Vorob\'yev
The Internet Society is focused on ensuring that a healthy, sustainable Internet is available to everyone – today and for the next billion users. Technology-focused programmes are a vital component of the Internet Society’s mission. We work to facilitate the open development of standards, protocols, administration, and to ensure a robust, secure technical infrastructure.
To the right are some of the Internet Society’s current technology topics. Click on each for a brief overview of why we believe they are important, our current activities, and our latest related blogs and publications, or see them all below.

Recent Internet Technology Matters Blog Posts

But what has experience taught us about oil? Its use brings economic growth, productivity benefits and the personal convenience of global mobility, yes. However:
A note from Olaf Kolkman, Chief Internet Technology Officer: From our short collaboration at ISOC and earlier interactions I came to know Lucy as one of those persons who understands the Internet. 
As we rapidly approach the last Internet Engineering Task Force meeting for the year, it's time to announce the final winners of the Applied Networking Research Prize for 2014. The ANRP awards for IETF 91 go to:


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