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Internet Technology Matters

Globe super imposed over binary numbers
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The Internet Society is focused on ensuring that a healthy, sustainable Internet is available to everyone – today and for the next billion users. Technology-focused programmes are a vital component of the Internet Society’s mission. We work to facilitate the open development of standards, protocols, administration, and to ensure a robust, secure technical infrastructure.
To the right are some of the Internet Society’s current technology topics. Click on each for a brief overview of why we believe they are important, our current activities, and our latest related blogs and publications, or see them all below.

Recent Internet Technology Matters Blog Posts

The Consumer Electronics Association has organized a series of webinars on IPv6, with the first one being this week on Tuesday, 12 August, on IPv6 and Broadband.
When you posted last night’s party photo on social media, did you think about who might get access to that photo and how it might be used? When you sent an email to your friends about your government’s policies, who did you think would be reading that email? When you searched online for medical treatments, did you think anyone would be tracking your searches?
Yesterday, we held our ISOC Briefing Panel, called “Internet Security and Privacy: Ten Years Later,” during IETF 90 in Toronto.


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