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Community Grants

The Internet School For Farmers
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What is the Community Grants Programme?

The Community Grants Programme is one of the ways the Internet Society is ensuring the Internet is for everyone.

Each year, a number of projects around the world receive funding from the Internet Society to do everything from connecting Sri Lankan farmers with up-to-date sustainable agriculture information, to teaching ICT skills to at-risk youth in Africa, to working with local engineers to further their IPv6 implementation knowledge. These projects are planned and brought to life by our members.

Watch the video to see some of our Community Grant projects on the ground.


Do you have a project idea? 

If you are an Internet Society chapter or individual member, you can submit your project idea and receive up to $10,000 USD.  Funding will be provided to project proposals that are in line with the programme requirements,  selection criteria, and can be completed in a period of 24 months.

The Internet Society will not fund the entire cost of the project. At least 25% of the total budget for the project must be contributed from other sources. This contribution can include cash contributions or in-kind donations. In general, in-kind donations demonstrate a strong collaboration with partner organizations and are preferred over cash contributions. In-kind sources of funding are accepted, provided they are from other sources, rather than from the applicants themselves. Applicants ought to provide documentation to substantiate the contributions from other sources.

The Community Grants Programme will operate with funds being dispersed in two stages as the project progresses. It is, however, understood that some projects may require some funds to allow the project to begin and the Committee will take that into account as warranted. Evidence as to the use of funds must be presented, in accordance with the financial reporting guidelines.

Application Process

Project proposals must be submitted online via ZoomGrants and within the announced deadline. Applications should  be in line with the Internet Society strategic objectives and give clear and concrete information about the proposed project.  Internet developement and innovation should be an integrated part of all project proposals. To learn more about the application process click here.

Approval Schedule

Funding is granted twice a year, typically in May and November. Announcements are approximate and depend in part on the number and complexity of the applications. Please note that unsucefull application for funding will not be carried forward for consideration under the subsequent funding period, however, applicants may re-apply.

Approval Process

The Community Grants Programme Committee has been established by the Board of Trustees and will include up to two Internet Society staff members as chosen by the Internet Society CEO, and members of the Board of Trustees as appointed by the Board of Trustees themselves. The Committee may seek expert assistance but voting on proposals will only be conducted by the Committee itself, in accordance with programme criteria.

Who Approves The Grants (Current Members)

  • Boubakar Barry
  • Edmon Chung
  • Sylvia Cadena
  • Robin Wilton
  • Natalia Enciso
  • Michuki Mwangi
  • Ilda Simao
  • Connie Kendig (ex-officio member)