Latin America and Caribbean Regional Internet and Development Dialogue

The Internet of Opportunity: Building a sustainable future through an inclusive Internet

When: 08-09 November
Where: Palacio San Martín, Salón Libertador, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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For the LAC region, ICTs and theInternet will play an important role indevelopment, and can be an important catalyst in improving the socio-economic status of communities, as well as playing a transformative role for the economy as a whole in the transition towards a digital economy. Underpinning all this will be continued trust in the Internet and all that it enables.

The conference will consist of opening and closing sessions, plenary sessions as well as panel discussions. It will be a one and half day program covering a range of topical issues related to Internet and Development in the LAC region. The event will be hosted by Internet Society (ISOC), the Ministry of Communications - Government of Argentina and the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and will be held back-to-back with the WEF Internet for All meeting. This will elevate its overall value, ensuring large attendance and high level speeches from the region and beyond.Objective

The purpose of this conference is to convene regional dialogue on policy issues around ‘Internet for Development’ matters and address some of the opportunities and challenges in the LAC region. Special attention will be given to the transformational potential of ICT and Internet for SDGs, as well as mainstreaming gender within topical discussions. The conference will offer open high-level discussions addressing the following dimensions:

  • Connecting the Next Billion
  • ICTs and Sustainable Development
  • Digital Economy.


Invitations will be sent to experts representing governments from developing countries, developed countries and emerging countries from LAC. In addition, leading regional experts, industry representatives, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs and research institutes will also be invited to attend. Expected number of attendees: ~150.

Expected Outcomes

It is expected that this conference will lead to a number of possible outcomes, including:

  • One or more working groups may emerge from the discussions, organised around issues e.g. Internet for sustainable development, connectivity, innovation and collaboration.
  • Specific follow-up and engagement with national governments present at the conference.
  • The Regional Internet development conference becoming an annual event that serves as a pragmatic forum for broadening discussion about the Internet and socio-economic development. The outcome of this multi stakeholder event will feed into the WSIS regional meetings.