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Asia Internet Symposium, Jakarta 2015

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Cyber Security - Threats and Trends in Indonesia;

Symposium Details

  • When it happend: Monday, 07 September 2015
  • Recorded Video Streaming is available here.
  • Official Hashtag #AISJKT


While the Internet is becoming more integral to economic and societal life, a never-ending stream of cyber-attacks and threats are affecting governments, businesses and individuals across the world. In the realm of cyber security, the tussle between those who are trying to protect the digital world and those who are trying to exploit it remains an ever-lasting contest. With high-profile attacks and breaches constantly making headlines – and the nature of these threats constantly evolving, people need to be more aware of the risks and concerns. Much more still needs to be done by all concerned, and using a collaborative security based approachis key.

Data from IDSIRTII (Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure) noted an increase in the amount of malware in Indonesia mainly targeting online banking. According to the red24 Threat Forecast, Indonesia has one of the highest rates of botnet activity in South East Asia.

The Internet Society's (ISOC) Asia Internet Symposium Jakarta will bring together experts from Government, Business, and Civil Society to discuss the current cyber security landscape in Indonesia.

The following dimensions were addressed:

  • Based on current trends, what should we be most concerned with when it comes to Cyber Security in Indonesia?
  • Policy and Social implications of cyber security and what roles can domestic and International frameworks play?
  • How prepared are we, and how to respond to growing threats?
  • How can a Collaborative Security approach help?

Participants / Invitees

  • Government Officials .
  • Industry Analysts
  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Academia
  • End Users

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