TLS Content Roadmap

To build out our section on TLS for Applications, our plan is to either find or create the resources listed below.  The content will either be curated (i.e. found on the Internet, verified for accuracy and pointed to with a review from the Deploy360 site) or will be created by the Deploy360 team in conjunction with partners and volunteers.  Our goal is not to be the most comprehensive site of TLS-related resources but rather the most helpful site.

If you know of current content that you believe would fit our roadmap below, or if you are interested in writing or creating a listed piece of content, please contact us. We also appreciate any feedback on this roadmap – will the resources we have listed here help you make your applications more secure with TLS?

Please note that we are always looking for the following kinds of information:

  • Tutorials that easily explain how to add TLS support to applications.
  • Reports or whitepapers that explain why using TLS is so important.
  • TLS-related statistics sites .
  • New tools or developer libraries that make it even easier to add TLS support to applications..

The resources below are listed in the rough order of priority that we would like to add them to the Deploy360 site:

BasicsA high level overview of why TLS usage is so important.
BasicsTutorial on the basics of how TLS works.
BasicsAn animated video explaining the basics of TLS.
BasicsA review of and guide to relevant RFCs related to using TLS.
TutorialsTutorial on adding TLS to XMPPPotential resource:
TutorialsTutorial on adding TLS to emailPotential resources in multiple UTA drafts.
TutorialsTutorial on adding TLS to SIP applications
TutorialsTutorials on adding TLS to generic applications (across a variety of languages)
ToolsA list of tools and developer libraries that can be used to add TLS support to applications (in various languages)
ToolsVideo tutorials/screencasts of various tools
StatisticsA list of sites providing statistics about TLS usage.
BooksA page listing books both free and commercial explaining how to add TLS to applications.
BooksReviews of those books with commentary.
TrainingCourseware related to securing applications with TLS available for free/open usage

Comments are welcome on this content roadmap.  Please either send us email or complete our feedback form.

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4 Responses to TLS Content Roadmap

  1. Olle Johansson says:

    I would like to see an effort to set up test sites for developers, like we’ve done at – the tls-o-matic for the SIP protocol.

    This would work hand-in-hand with the efforts by the UTA wg.

    • Dan York says:

      That would be excellent – and in keeping with our list of test sites for DNSSEC and DANE. Thanks for the suggestion, Olle.

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