IPv6 Statistics

The following sites provide ongoing statistics about the adoption of IPv6:

Sites are available for IPv6 statistics for specific countries:

Do you know of additional sites we should consider adding here?  If so, please send them to us.

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  1. […] Recently we’ve added a couple of new resources to our IPv6 statistics page: […]

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi, there are some worldwide statistics showing IPv6 penetration for WEB, mail, DNS. including list of IPv6 only sites that have been found.

    There is also application that can check availability of IPv6 records in DNS and compares round trip time between IPv4 and IPv6.

  3. […] Google’s measurements are only one of many different IPv6 measurement efforts, but the others show similar growth trends as well. For example, the World IPv6 Launch measurements […]

  4. […] that show the development over time of the level of deployment. For IPv6, the portal of the ISOC “Deploy360” program lists the Google site that shows the development of IPv6 penetration in users’ browsers […]

  5. […] Philip Smith and Mark Prior as well as from APNIC, Cisco, Google, RIPE, Hurricane Electric, Alexa, ISOC and many other sources. Sincere thanks to […]

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