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Fun Intro to DNSSEC Video From the Norid Team

DNSSEC badge

As part of the signing of .NO with DNSSEC, the Norid team came out with a clever video explaining how DNSSEC works. Now, it’s all in Norwegian so I personally can’t understand any of the words… but  you get the idea and the animation is well-done.  Kudos to the Norid team for creating the video: Read more…

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Video: BIND and DNSSEC – What Is New?

Video interview

How does BIND work with DNSSEC? How easy is it to configure? What new features does it have that makes DNSSEC signing simple? How does it work as a DNSSEC-validating resolver? To answer these questions, I interviewed Eddy Winstead about BIND and what it can do with DNSSEC. We discussed BIND’s features as well as new training Read more…

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Video: Cisco’s Hangout on “Enabling IPv6 In Your Network”

It’s the second day of 2014. Are you at work looking to get started with deploying IPv6 in your network? Or are you at home on holiday break and looking for something educational to watch online?  Was deploying IPv6 one of your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, you might be interested in watching this Google+ Read more…

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4 Outstanding IPv6 Transition Videos From RIPE NCC

IPv6 Transition Videos From RIPE NCC

Want to understand what various IPv6 transition mechanisms are available to help you with the move to IPv6?  Interested in understanding the differences between “6in4”, “6RD”, “NAT64” and “DS-Lite”? (Or what they even are?) If so, our friends over at the RIPE NCC have put together a set of four IPv6 transition videos that are Read more…

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“Introduction To DNSSEC” Animated Videos Uploaded To YouTube

With the buzz over Google’s news about DNSSEC yesterday, we’ve seen a large surge of visitors to our DNSSEC-related resources and in the midst of that someone pointed out that the excellent introduction to DNSSEC video from Shinkuro, Inc., was no longer available on YouTube. Given that we work well with the Shinkuro team, we Read more…

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Video: IPv6 addressing and why ISPs give out such huge blocks of IPv6 addresses

What are all the numbers, letters and slashes about in an IPv6 address? Why do ISPs give out such huge allocations of IPv6 addresses just for a home network? Couldn’t we use smaller address blocks? Are we setting ourselves up for future issues? Or does this all make sense? By way of our friends at Read more…

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To Build The Interplanetary Internet, We Will Need IPv6

If we build an “interplanetary Internet,” how will we have enough addresses for all the network endpoints unless we move to IPv6? Some of you are perhaps saying “Huh? An interplanetary Internet? Are you dreaming?” I’m not… because in truth we are already building an interplanetary Internet with the space exploration efforts we have underway, Read more…

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