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Use of BGP for Routing in Large-Scale Data Centres


This week saw the publication of RFC 7938 which proposes a practical routing design for use in large-scale data centres. Such data centres are typically comprised of over one hundred thousand servers which are increasingly seeing traffic being transferred from server-to-server rather than into and out of the data centres. This is typical of computing clusters using Hadoop Read more…

Introducing RFC 7454: BGP Operations and Security

Securing BGP

Today I’m re-reading an IETF RFC that was published just this month. RFC 7454 is titled “BGP Operations and Security” and that’s exactly what it’s about. The documents’ abstract does a great job of summarizing the content: This document describes measures to protect the BGP sessions itself such as Time to Live (TTL), the TCP Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF91, Day 4: TLS, 6TISCH, DNSSD, IDR, SAAG, DHC and DBOUND

Chris Grundemann at IETF 91

On the fourth day of IETF 91 we on the Deploy360 return to a focus on the routing / securing BGP side of our work as well as TLS and a number of DNS-related sessions that are not strictly DNSSEC-related, along with a small bit of IPv6 for “Internet of Things” (IoT) mixed in. There are many other working groups meeting at IETF Read more…

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IETF 91 Rough Guide On Routing Resilience And Security – De-aggregation, Route Leaks and more


What will be happening next week at IETF 91 with regard to improving the security and resilience of the Internet’s routing infrastructure? Our colleague Andrei Robachevsky tackles this question in his post this week: “Rough Guide to IETF 91: Routing Resilience & Security“. Andrei explains that one of the major issues in routing right now Read more…

Show Your Commitment To Routing Security – Join the MANRS Initiative!

Do you want to make the Internet’s routing infrastructure more secure?  Have you implemented anti-spoofing techniques to help protect against attacks such as DDoS attacks?  Have you secured your use of BGP on your network? If so, why not consider publicly showing your support by signing up as a participant in the MANRS initiative? This Read more…

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Video: RPKI For Provider Independant Resources (RIPE 68)

How can provider independent(PI) address space be validated with the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)? How can we get smaller organizations to deploy BGP RPKI? In this lightning talk from Alex Band of RIPE-NCC, learn how an organization with PI address space registered with RIPE-NCC can easily create and access RPKI resources. Previously this was Read more…

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What Shall We Call Our New Topic Area On “Anti-Spoofing” Of IP Addresses?

question mark

We need your help.  We are struggling with what to name the new topic area we are planning to launch related to preventing the “spoofing” of IP addresses. In routing security circles this topic is generally referred to as “anti-spoofing” and we’ve talked about it ourselves that way such as in our report on an Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF89, Day 2: homenet, sidr, grow, dnse, 6man


Day 2 for the Deploy360 team here at the 89th IETF meeting is a big day for routing and for IPv6. Two of the main routing groups, SIDR and GROW, meet today, and our colleague Andrei Robachevsky recently wrote about the important work happening in both groups to make the Internet’s routing infrastructure more secure. Two Read more…

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Operate an Internet Router? Join our “Router Resilience Survey” To Help Make The Internet More Secure

Routing Resiliency Survey

Do you operate a router connecting your network to the rest of the Internet?  Would you like to help us understanding how resilient and secure the Internet’s routing infrastructure is? If so, please visit our new “Routing Resiliency Survey” at: and read more about the new project at: New Internet Society Project Aims to Read more…

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Video/Slides: Routing Around Catastrophe (ION Krakow)

This week, before ION Toronto on 11 November, we’ll be highlighting sessions from our last ION Conference in Krakow, Poland. How do we improve the resilience and security of the Internet’s underlying routing infrastructure? While Internet routing has worked well over the years, there have been instances where errors and misconfiguration have caused stability issues. Read more…

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