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  • Internet Society Chief Internet Technology Officer Olaf Kolkman will be speaking this week in both Washington, DC, and New York City on the Internet of Things (IoT), collaborative security, and our recent merger with the Online Trust Alliance. Two of the three events will be livestreamed and all have open registrations to attend in person.Tuesday, 25 April: Washington, DCAt 12PM on Tuesday, The ISOC-DC Chapter will hold a panel discussion called, “Baked In: Can Policy Help Create Incentives in the Cybersecurity Marketplace?” You can watch the livestream of the event via that link, or attend...
    Date published 24 April 2017
  • My colleague Robin Wilton and I participated in the recent Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe (TIIME) in Vienna, Austria, co-sponsored by the Internet Society and organized by long-time notable identeratus Rainer Hörbe.This meeting brought together approximately 100 people who are engaged in advancing the state of the art and strengthening trust around online identity. Structured as an “unconference,” it was up to the attendees to set the agenda and lead the sessions. As you can see from the session list the meeting covered a lot of ground.I led sessions on IoT Security and Privacy...
    Date published 12 April 2017
  • Imagine if all your business contracts were sent to customers written on postcards. Everyone who happened to see the postcard could see exactly what you were going to charge the customer, how many of your product the customer is going to order - and all of the information about the customer.Your competition, naturally, could take that information and send a contract to that customer of yours that undercuts your proposal and offers better terms. They could also share that information with others to let them know that this customer buys from you. (Or, at least, they used to!) Your customer, too...
    Date published 06 April 2017
  • [Editor’s Note: A limited number of student grants are available to help pay for travel, accommodations, and NDSS Symposium registration fees for full-time students attending the 24th annual Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS) Symposium. Watch the NDSS website at https://www.internetsociety.org/events/ndss-symposium for information and deadlines as the process opens for NDSS 2018 in February of next year. The following post is a guest contribution from one 2017 grantee.]My name is Muhammad Talha Paracha, and I am an undergraduate Software Engineering student from National...
    Date published 04 April 2017
  • I'm grateful to Christian de Larrinaga, from the Internet Society's UK Chapter, for pointing me to a recent publication by the World Bank: "Principles on identification for sustainable development: toward the digital age".The premise of the report is this: full participation in today's societies and achievement of one's desired potential are increasingly likely to depend on the ability to identify oneself; however, some 1.5 billion people are reckoned to lack "legal identification", and action should be taken to remedy this.The report acknowledges that private companies and other non-...
    Date published 03 April 2017