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2015 IGF Ambassadors

Agustina Callegari (Argentina)

Agustina Callegari specializes in political communication for the digital age. She is very involved in work related to privacy and data protection, freedom of expression, and Internet governance. She is a former NextGen@ICANN Fellow, and a current LACIGF Fellow. Agustina holds a BA in Communication Science from Buenos Aires University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Data Protection from the Latin American University (FLACSO). Most recently, she has been collaborating with the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania on a UNESCO research project about licensing and registration regimes for online content. Agustina is also a past participant in the NGL e-Learning course.



Amanda Soares Kemmer (Brazil)

Amanda Soares Kemmer is an Attorney-at-Law specializing in cyberlaw, copyright law, international trade law, and tax law. She is also currently a Researcher attached to the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management at Bournemouth University. Amanda holds a LLB from the Catholic University of Paraná and a LLM in International Tax Law from Bournemouth University. She is very interested in digital rights, and particularly in the Marco Civil da Internet legislation in Brazil.


Ana Kakalashvili (Georgia)

Ana Kakalashvili works for the U.S. Peace Corps in the area of security and safety. She has participated in meetings of ICANN, RIPE NCC, and EuroDIG. She holds a LLB from the Tbilisi State University, and is currently working on organizing the inaugural Georgian National IGF Meeting. She is a former Fellow to RIPE NCC and a former ICANN Fellow. Ana is very interested in multistakeholder models of governance, online privacy and security, and copyright regulation in the digital era.



Argyro Karanasiou (Greece)

Argyro Karanasiou is a Lecturer at Bournemouth University, and specializes in intellectual property in the digital economy, media law, IoT, privacy by design, and big data. She holds a LLB and a LLM in Public Policy & Politics from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, and a PhD in Law from the University of Leeds. Argyro is currently involved with the Dynamic Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media on the Internet and the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles. She is a former ISOC Ambassador to the IGF, and has recently been named as an Ambassador for the Information and Privacy Commissioner in Ontario, Canada.



Arsene Tungali (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Arsene Tungali is a Mandela Washington Fellow, and has been engaged with UNICEF, AfriNIC, ICANN, Central Africa IGF Organizing Committee, and DiploFoundation. Arsene holds a BSc in Agricultural Studies from Université de Goma as well as a number of certificates in Internet governance and civic leadership. He has been working with the ITU on their Girls in ICT Day and Child Online Protection (COP) initiatives for the last 3 years. Arsene specializes in child online protection, Internet governance, and capacity building.



Ashell Forde (Barbados)

Ashell Forde is a Senior Telecoms Officer at the Telecoms Unit (national regulator). She has been active in the deployment of the Barbados IXP, as well as the setting up of the national CSIRT. Ashell holds a BSc in Computer Science and Electronics from the University of the West Indies, has qualified with City & Guilds in Microcomputer Technology, and possesses a number of industry certifications in ethical hacking, routing & switching, and information security. She has also attended USTTI training on a number of occasions, and has just recently completed a cybersecurity war games exercise with the ITU and OAS in Colombia.

Elsa Saade (Lebanon)

Elsa Saade is a social and political activist working in the fields of humanitarian assistance and capacity building. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Political Science from the Lebanese American University in Byblos. Elsa has a solid belief in the enormous potential of youth in her country. She has been active in Lebanese civil society movements, engaging in campaigns specifically related to women's rights, war reconciliation, observing elections, youth leadership, and peace building. She has been involved with the Gulf Human Rights Center and the Arab IGF, and is also a former ICANN Fellow.

Encel Sanchez (Venezuela)

Encel Sanchez is a Web Developer at Nearsource Inc. His areas of competency are web development, social media, security and privacy, and open source. Encel was a key organizing member of the first IGF-related meeting in Venezuela. In the past 3 years, he has been actively participating in meetings of the IGF, LACNIC, LACNOG, IETF and ICANN. He is a former IETF Fellow and IGF Ambassador. The IGF topics that are of primary interest to him include access and diversity, security and privacy, and human rights and the Internet. 



Evelyn Namara (Uganda)

Evelyn Namara is the Founder and CEO of PearlInnovators, and just recently returned from India where she was an Implementation Manager for Gray Matters. She is an Acumen Regional East Africa Fellow and an AFNOG trainer. Evelyn currently sits on the Board of the ICT Association of Uganda, and is a Founding Member of Girl Geek Kampala and AfCHIX Uganda -- both forums that seek to erase stereotypes for women in technology. Her work with Solar Sister and Girl Geek Kampala earned her the Anita Borg Change Agent Award. She specializes in free and open source software (FOSS), network operations, solar technologies, technology-enabled learning, and human centered design.


Grace Mutung’u (Kenya)

Grace Mutung’u is an Associate with KICTANet, and also part of the organizing committee for the Kenya IGF. She is also heavily involved with the Kenyan Senate / Parliament in the areas of political and constitutional reform, as well as international diplomacy. Grace is very interested in the .africa gTLD and the broader implementation of multistakeholder governance models across Africa. She is an alumni of the DiploFoundation Capacity Build Programme, and is also a former IGF Ambassador.


Kasek Galgal (Papua New Guinea)

Kasek Galgal is a Lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea. His work is focused on cybersecurity, free and open source software (FOSS), and network development. He is a former APNIC Fellow and is active in local and regional Internet governance efforts. He is an active member of the Pacific Island chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC), is very passionate about ICTs for development (ICT4D), education and bridging the digital divide.


Krishna Kumar Rajamannar (India)

Krishna Kumar Rajamannar is a Student, and is completing his MA in Public Policy (specializing in Internet Governance) at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Prior to this, he worked for the Omnicom Media Group as a New Media Planner. He currently serves as the Secretary for the Internet Society Chennai Chapter. Krishna was selected as a Fellow to ICANN 51 and ICANN 53, and is also an alumni of the NGL e-Learning programme. Krishna is passionate about keeping the Internet open and accessible for all, and is keenly interested in better understanding the societal impact of the Internet on various global communities.


Lianna Galstyan (Armenia)

Lianna Galstyan is the Public Relations Manager for ISOC Armenia and the Head of the ISOC Armenia At-Large Structure in ICANN. Lianna has been a Member of ISOC Armenia since 2000 and a Board Member since 2013. She has also been an ICANN Fellow on a number of occasions. Lianna has been actively involved as  speaker, presenter, and workshop organizer at EuroDIG, APrIGF, Russian IGF (RIGF), and the Ukrainian IGF. She is also a Member of the Executive Committee of SEEDIG (South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance) and a Member of the Executive Committee overseeing the preparatory activities for the first Armenian IGF (ArmIGF).


Maureen Hernandez (Venezuela)

Maureen Hernandez is a System Engineer who specializes in free and open source software (FOSS) and web security. She is also a human rights activist interested in online freedom. She is currently working on TV white spaces as an technical opportunity for bridging the digital divide. She has participated in the ISOC NGL e-Learning programme, and has been previous selected as a Fellow to the IETF. She is eager to continue to develop her technical capabilities as well as enhance her involvement in policy development.


Mwendwa Kivuva (Kenya)

Mwendwa Kivuva is a Policy Fellow at Google, and also volunteers his time working on policy formulation for ICANN and AFRINIC. He previously worked as the Senior Network Administrator at the University of Nairobi where he oversaw a project to transition the IP addressing schema for an 18-campus WAN network from IPv4 to IPv6. Mwendwa holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Catholic University of Eastern African and a MSc in Distributed Computing Technology from the University of Nairobi. He has represented AFRINIC on the Consolidated Regional Internet Registry IANA Stewardship Proposal (CRISP) team. Mwendwa is a past IETF Fellow and IGF Ambassador.


Suprita Lnu (India)

Suprita Lnu is currently employed as a Network Planning and Design Engineer at Reliance JIO Infocomm Limited in India. She is part of team working towards launching 4G mobile services across India. In this role, she is working on deploying MPLS for LTE backhaul and FTTx services, deploying OSS tools and automation, and providing first-hand analysis on IPoDWDM, NFV, and SDN. Suprita is passionate about delivering next generation networks (NGNs) and services that contribute to wide scale development in her country. She is involved in the BGP, ISIS, OSPF, and MPLS working groups at the IETF. Suprita is very eager to develop competencies in Internet governance and policy, and use them in conjunction with her technical skills to contribute to human, social, and economic development in India.


Michael Oghia (United States)

Michael Oghia is a Journalist and Researcher with expertise in new media, conflict resolution, Internet governance, and international relations. He has conducted wide-ranging research on freedom of expression, democracy, and civic engagement on the Internet. He currently resides in Istanbul, and is a member of the ISOC Turkey Chapter. 


Maria Paola Pérez (Venezuela)

Maria Paola Pérez is presently completing her thesis in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Los Andes in Merida, Venezuela. She is passionate about computer networks, and is currently working on BGP networks at her univerity. Maria is also involved in another project where she is focused on TV white spaces as a technology for delivering affordable Internet access to underdeveloped communities. She is very interested in the IANA transition planning. Paola is a past Fellow to the IETF and a current participant in the NGL e-Learning course. She was also selected as a Fellow to LACIGF8 in Mexico City, and most recently participated in ISOC leadership activities at LACNIC 24 - LACNOG 15.


Shreedeep Rayamajhi (Nepal)

Shreedeep Rayamajhi is a Nepalese social activist and blogger. He is also the Managing Director of, an online news portal and blog, and has been featured on BBC Outriders and the World Bank’s Provocative Voices. He is one of the Founding Members of the ISOC Nepal Chapter, and currently serves as a Member of the Steering Group for the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF). Shreedeep is passionate about the Internet and Human Rights, online activism, and building awareness on the Internet-related issues that affect the masses.


José Eduardo Rojas (Bolivia)

José Eduardo Rojas is the CEO of REDES Foundation, where he leads country-specific efforts in Internet policy and development. He is a Vice President at the ISOC Bolivia Chapter, and a member of the organizing committee for the Bolivia IGF. Eduardo was responsible for the design of the national strategy of ICTs for Development (ICT4D) in Bolivia, and was also instrumental in the development of the Telecommunications Act (Bolivia) and the underlying model for telecoms regulation. He is the former Head of Planning Agency for the Development of the Information Society in Bolivia. José is a former ICANN Fellow. 


Mohit Saraswat (United Arab Emirates)

Mohit Saraswat is the Senior Manager - IT Infrastructure at Pepsico (UAE). He specializes in telecoms engineering, cybersecurity, child online safety, and Internet governance. He currently serves on the Research and Academics Development Committee of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) UAE Chapter, and is a Founding Member of the ISOC UAE Chapter. Mohit has previously been participated in the Arab Regional INET and the ISOC Middle East Chapter Workshop. He is a past participant in the NGL e-Learning course. 

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