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World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT)

Conference attendees watching a presentation
WCIT-12 took place from the 3-14 December 2012. Want to know more about the origins of WCIT? Click here to watch a short video and learn more.

After WCIT - Where do we go from here?

As the dust settles on WCIT, it is clear that a lot of uncertainties persist and a lot of issues remain unresolved.  While the Internet Society did not believe that a treaty environment was the best way to address many of the very important Internet policy challenges raised by countries at the WCIT, we nevertheless recognize that there are many lessons learned and issues to be addressed going forward.  You can find the Internet Society's statement on the outcome here.
The Internet Society is committed to working with stakeholders around the world to really understand the challenges, provide technical or policy information to fill in gaps, and help to identify solutions where appropriate.  Through our community – chapters, Organizational members, partners, etc – we have tremendous opportunities to continue to reach out at the local, regional, and global level to expand the growth of the Internet worldwide for the benefit of everyone.
At the global level, the debate does not stop here – there is a continuing dialogue on the appropriate role for governments in the Internet and on the best way to expand connectivity worldwide.  One aspect of this discussion will be a very important debate among governments on the role of the ITU in the Internet policy space going forward.    Below is a calendar of key global ITU meetings coming up where these issues will be discussed.   The next big event is the ITU World Telecommunication Policy Forum.  You can find out more about ISOC’s work to prepare for this event here. In addition, here is a calendar of future ITU events that could affect the Internet.

What is WCIT

​WCIT 2012 took place from the 3-14 December. Watch Sally Wentworth, Senior Manager of Public Policy  with the Internet Society, explain all about WCIT. The internet Society contributes to this process with a strong hope that the results of the WCIT will enable the continuing growth and innovation of international telecommunications. Click here to read the most recent submission to the process.

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For more information about Internet Society views on the WCIT, please contact us.

For more information about WCIT, please contact us