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Internet And Human Rights Resource Center

Internet And Human Rights Resource Center

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The Internet Society believes that people deserve to have their rights protected on the Internet as well as offline.

We believe in the power of the Internet to bring all of us closer together. Whether people use the Internet to create powerful apps, find information, buy and sell things, or even just stay in touch with their family and friends — it’s important we all have the freedom to do any of these of things online.

Here you can find out more about what ISOC does, as well as find other groups researching and fighting for an open Internet.

Monthly Profile: Nighat Dad

Every month, we ask people in the field of the Internet and Rights about their projects, hopes and fears for online freedoms.
This month, learn more about Nighat Dad, founder and executive director of the Digital Rights Foundation, based in Lahore Pakistan.

Previous profiles:
Sanja Kelly, Director Freedom on the Net report, Freedom House
Mondher Laabidi, President of the Internet Society Tunisia Chapter and lead organiser of the Alliance Article 32 initiative

Blog Posts

Privacy in the Digital Age: UN Special Rapporteur Sets Priorities In New Report (March 2016)
What is the state of online privacy in 2016? What are the key policy issues related to privacy? What are the steps that can be taken within the UN context to help ensure our right to privacy?

Blocking and Filtering: RFC 7754 in a Collaborative Security Context (March 2016)
When defining policies on blocking and filtering, our Collaborative Security framework, provides input for an approach.

Encryption and law enforcement: aiming for trust (December 2015)
What would a world of pervasive encryption look like?

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Featured Reports and Data

Freedom House: Freedom on the Net Report 2016
The 2016 Freedom on the Net report finds internet freedom around the world in decline for a sixth consecutive year with more governments than ever before targeting social media and communication apps as a means of halting the rapid dissemination of information, particularly during anti-government protests.

CIGI: The Privatization of Human Rights: Illusions of Consent, Automation and Neutrality (January 2016)
The Internet enables the free flow of information on an unprecedented scale but to an increasing extent the management of individuals’ fundamental rights, such as privacy and the mediation of free expression, is being left in the hands of the private sector.

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Internet Society Policy Brief on Internet and Human Rights
Decision by governments, businesses, and tech all matter when it comes people's ability to realize basic human rights online. We believe that policy and decision makers must champion trust, the principal of an open Internet, and listen to those who have a stake in the Internet and how it develops.

ISOC Submission to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression Regarding the Use of Encryption and Anonymity in Digital Communications (February 2015)
We believe anonymity and confidentiality through encryption play a central role in fundamental human rights such as privacy and freedom of expression.

Call for submissions by the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression (November 2016)
Study on freedom of expression and the telecommunications and internet access sector
Internet Society submission

Video Feature: Session with UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy

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