Diego Rafael Canabarro

Diego Rafael Canabarro

Senior Regional Policy Manager - Latin America and the Caribbean

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Diego R. Canabarro joined the Internet Society in July 2019 to serve as the Regional Policy Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Prior to joining the Internet Society, Diego worked as a Policy Advisor to the Board of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( where he was part of a multidisciplinary team in charge of monitoring processes and policy arenas in the Internet governance ecosystem (mainly the following tracks: WSIS/IGF, ITU/CITEL and related national and regional processes; and ICANN); development and execution of policy initiatives related to Internet governance in Brazil and in the LAC Region; and capacity building programmes, training courses, and awareness-raising materials for policymakers in the public and the private sector.

Besides being a practitioner in the field of Internet Governance, Diego is also an academic with more than ten years of activities in Universities in Brazil and abroad. His research agenda combines Political Theory of International Relations; State Capacity and Democracy; National and International Security; Collaborative and Multistakeholder Governance; Digital Government; ICT policies and regulation; Internet Governance; and Internet and Jurisdiction. He holds a LL.B. (2002-2006), an M.A. in International Relations (2007-2009), and a Ph.D. in Political Science (2010-2014) and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and has a working understanding of Italian.

He is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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