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WSIS+10 Matrix

What are the positions of world governments on the 10 year Review of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+10)?  As we prepare for the December 2015 high-level meetings at the United Nations in New York, we are making this matrix available with our understanding of the positions of world governments.

DOWNLOAD the current version of the WSIS+10 matrix

Nov 4 comments matrixWe released a second matrix that compiles the comments of 34 organizations, governments and other entities on the 4 November 2015 WSIS+10 draft outcome document. This shows all additions, deletions and modifications recommended in the 34 sets of comments.


DOWNLOAD the compilation of comments on the 4 Nov 2015 draft outcome document

These matrices are updated by Internet Society staff.  Please email Constance Bommelaer and Nicolas Seidler with updates.

The matrix is published under a Creative Commons Attribution license. You are free to use and share the matrix in whatever form you wish provided that attribution to the Internet Society is included.

Please see this blog post for additional information:

Previous versions: