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Combating Spam Project

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The Internet Society’s Combating Spam Project is designed to demonstrate clearly and effectively the tools and industry partnerships that are available to tackle a key concern of many policymakers – how to combat spam.  

By bringing governments together with industry, technical experts, and other partners the Internet Society is uniquely situated to facilitate concrete progress in this difficult area.   

A Key Issue For Policymakers

The World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) provided a great deal of insight into the Internet public policy priorities for many governments. They have important questions and, in many cases, legitimate concerns.  A key issue for policy makers was the need to do “more” to combat spam.  


Spam: Need for Information

There is some confusion as to what spam is, but generally, the term is used inclusively to refer to a range of “unwanted mail” – spam, botnets, malware, etc.  In some cases there is a lack of insight as to the technical best practices, policy approaches, and partnerships that are available to address this issue.  There is also a concern about the economic and consumer protection implications of the spam problem in many countries.


Leveraging Our Global Members and Partners

The Project will rely on the Internet Society’s global network of members and partners to circulate technical best practices, policy information and establish industry partnerships to empower countries with the tools to address the issue of spam that is based upon the multistakeholder collaborative model.

Informational Documents and References

Industry Best Practices/ Codes of Conduct

Technical Information